Disruption Is Not Covo’s M.O. And That’s Really Exciting

The building where the 1904 World's Fair was planned sat vacant for decades. Now, inspired by the history of St. Louis, a coworking startup from San Francisco plans to turn it into a destination downtown.
St Louis Innovation District

Feature: A Tale of Two Districts

"How two buildings and a handful of visionaries are pushing to make St. Louis a destination for innovation."

Matt Homann is Making Meetings Interesting (Finally) with Filament

Matt Homann is opening up a new facility, Filament, that's going to change the way meetings are held in St. Louis and beyond.
The Bourbon Friday Show

The Bourbon Friday Show with Marc Bernstein from Balto Software

On this episode of the Bourbon Friday Show, we had the opportunity to talk with Marc Bernstein, CEO of Balto Software.

Venture Cafe St. Louis to Open Innovation Hall at Cortex

The new space in the Cortex Innovation Community will feature a creative destination restaurant and coffee bar from 23 City Blocks Hospitality Group, together with free, drop-in workspace and event and meeting space for entrepreneurs provided by Venture Café.
Express Scripts Lab

Delivering Innovation, Driving Better Outcomes: Express Scripts

How Express Scripts–once a fledgling startup and now a company celebrating 30 years of business– continues to foster collaboration and drive innovation.
Sarah Schlafly and Christian Johnson, co-founders of Multipass, a coworking marketplace for day-passes to cool workplaces across the country.

For The Love Of Coworking, New Founders Want to Share Values Across the Midwest

Two strangers met in a coworking space. Hung out. Played ping pong. Founded a company and launched a product in two months.

How Do You Build a Business Incubator? T-REX Shows Us The Way

For the past 10 to 15 years, startup incubators and co-working spaces have been expanding around the world. Entrepreneurs, freelancers and traditional businesses alike...

Why Culture Should Eclipse Technology In St Louis

On Saturday (19th August) from 7pm, international art and tech event series, Art Hack Day, will display an art installation at Cortex that represents the results of a 48-hour marathon hackathon of 40 emerging artists from St. Louis and around the world.

T-REX Gets a Facelift to Accommodate Booming Startup Scene

Located in a historic building constructed in the 1890's, the design of this formerly unoccupied space is flexible and customizable, allowing tenants to expand their space in response to rapid growth. Juxtaposing the historic architectural bones of the building with bold wall graphics and modern tile patterns, the new interior design creates a connection between the makers who once worked in the building to the entrepreneurs using the space today.
T-REX stock_burnout

Avoid Startup Burnout: 8 Tips From LockerDome’s Gabe Lozano

Gabe Lozano, co-founder and CEO of LockerDome, shares his stressbusting tips.

St. Louis Needs A Sales Skills Accelerator

And we don't have one yet, so we're launching a series of sales skills training events to activate the sales community here in St. Louis.

How to Create a Scalable, Human Culture for Startup Growth

6 Takeaways for Startups from the 2016 WorkHuman Conference Luke Fryer was new in town. In 2007, the serial restaurant entrepreneur had just moved to...

Your Enemy Is Indecision: How To Reduce Sales Cycle Times & Increase Close Rates

Structuring decisive approaches to long standing customer issues is what selling is all about.

The Be Human Project Showcases People-Centric Mission with Salon Series

There’s an organization trying to change the way business leaders think about work and its surrounding, immersive culture in St. Louis. The Be Human...

Adults with Developmental Disabilities to be Taught Salesforce to Create Employment Opportunities

The BCI Skills Center is proud to announce the launch of an innovative program to teach adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities the skills...
The Bourbon Friday Show

The Bourbon Friday Show with LaShana Lewis from L.M. Lewis Consulting

On this episode of the Bourbon Friday Show, we had the opportunity to talk with LaShana Lewis, Founder and CEO of L.M. Lewis Consulting. Diversifying...

Venture Cafe Global Launches Innovation City Podcast

New show to feature the innovators, disruptors and creators who are changing the way business happens today.

Industrious STL is Redefining the Co-working Experience

Drawing everyone from freelancers and entrepreneurial startups to seasoned CEOs and Fortune 500s, co-working spaces are becoming a way to reinvent the work environment....

What “Jedi Mind Tricks” Have Helped In Your Professional Career? #StarWarsDay

Today is May 4th, as in "May the 4th," as in "May The Force," aka #StarWarsDay. Hell yeah. It's like an internet thing. Probably the...

The Culture Of Culture: How Hatchbuck’s Team-Driven Approach Drives Results For Everyone

Hatchbuck considers company culture a cornerstone of not only its day-to-day operations, but also its success.

How this Powerlifter is Running a Startup in Four Countries from a Desk at...

When it comes to the way we work, almost everybody seems to be shifting toward the open-plan office. But powerlifter-turned-entrepreneur Avi Silverberg is is putting a new mode of work into practice: remote teams.

How Simplify Commerce was Born Out of a Global Company, in the Heart of...

Complacency has no place at the table for companies crossing the 50-year mark. But how do corporations best encourage innovation? For Mastercard, it starts...

Last Week on The Bourbon Friday Show: Kathleen Bauer, Community Director at T-REX

As a major hub for the tech startup scene in St. Louis, T-REX plays a crucial role in the development of many startups. On last...

What Would You Do With A 900 Meg Upload Speed?

This year's Startup Connection was hosted at The Globe Building which is known for crazy fast internet speeds. The potential of a 900 meg...

Create Your List Of Internal Values, Add Your Customer’s Values, Then Go Live Like...

A values-based culture is guaranteed to help you establish priorities, make better hires, and ultimately, build the most successful team for your startup.

Step Up Your Social Selling in 2019 With These 4 Linkedin Outreach Tactics

Registration is now open for SalesMentour's next sales accelerator event on Tuesday, January 15, 2019 from 4:30 PM to 9:00 PM at T-Rex, sponsored...
Guy Weitzman Atomation

Meet Me in St. Louis: Maintaining Team Cohesion Between the Midwest and the Middle...

Globalism has changed so much, including how we conduct business every day.

Industrious Inspires Community and Collaboration

The benefits of officing out of Industrious are fast internet, local snacks and drinks and educational programming, but one feature that Industrious excels at is realizing the...

The Real Epicenter of the Talent Crisis

Today's Building Blocks curated conversation at Covo focuses on inspiring and nurturing leadership.

The Next Frontier in Leadership Development

Attend "Optimize Your Brain For Leadership" and learn Neuro-Activation techniques and tools this Friday, December 7th, at Return to Your Power’s small group intensive...

The New EQ Town Hall: An Open Forum for You to Be Part of...

Back in the early 1600s Town Hall meetings were a way for residents to have a voice in the important issues of the day....

Work and Play: How SixThirty’s Startups And Team Have Fun In St. Louis

St. Louis isn't just for work. We wanted to know: When these company leaders aren't in the office, where do they play?

This Friday: SLU Hosting Masterclass on Self Management and Shared Leadership

People want a work environment that gives them the freedom to exercise greater control over their lives, take greater initiative on the job and make a greater contribution to their company success.

Mentoring Is A Win-Win Experience

“Quality mentor relationships are the foundational building blocks that lead to pathways of success. Mentors serve as experienced guides to help individuals focus, develop individually, and learn to navigate new challenges as they strive toward their goals," says Dr. Leilani Carver-Madalon, Associate Professor of Strategic Communication and Leadership at Maryville University.

On Innovation City: Morgan Ingram on Filling the Sales Education Void

"Grow 1% better every single day. That's it. What is one new tip that I can try out or learn?" — Morgan Ingram