How to Automate Your Startup’s Bookkeeping

This is the first of a series of articles on how to automate your startup's financial operations. The next article in this series will be about Automating Your Startup's Receivables Management.

Solopreneur Spotlight: The SAVA Group

St. Louis is teeming with potential as well as recent successes from the innovation infrastructure that the city has put into place over the past decade. Tech verticals and most recently geospatial and AgTech get most of the limelight. But entrepreneurship is alive and well in many forms in the Gateway City.

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Taking A Job At A Startup

Got grit? Ready to roll up your sleeves and tackle tough problems? Consider joining a startup.

Finding Another Entrepreneur to Ask Advice

If you’ve never successfully run a startup before, you'll need feedback on how to grow. How do you know whether someone has "the chops" to be able help?

How Mission Control Made the Most of Their MVP

Mission Control, a digital platform startup that allows users to create sports recreation league-inspired video game leagues, has relied on nothing more than a...

All Entrepreneurs Hustle, But Creatives Raising Funds Need Side Hustle

Adam Frick-Verdine, sound designer and the brains behind the audio mapping project Unheard of STL, got into entrepreneurship by necessity. He got an internship...
Investment Growth STL

Here’s the List of Fastest Growing Privately Held Companies in the Greater St Louis...

The Inc. 5000 is a list ranking of the fastest growing privately held, independent, U.S.-based companies that is released each year.

Mission Control Is Launching This Fall to Level Up Your Team Building

Mission Control's summer pilot project has evolved from providing structured recreational video game leagues to a team building tool.

Love, Magic and Passion Is the Secret Recipe for This Food Entrepreneur

On this episode of Entrepreneurially Thinking, we had the opportunity to talk with Reine Bayoc, Creator and Owner of the thriving SweetArt Bake Shop...

State of the St. Louis “Techforce”: Jobs are Plentiful but Employer’s Hiring Practices Remain...

We all want St. Louis to be a “hub” of something: in startup growth, in geospatial intelligence, in cybersecurity, in healthcare, in agtech.There...

7 Regional Imperatives to Strengthen the Impact of our Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

WEPOWER is launching a new accelerator for Black and Latinx founders of early-stage companies. WEPOWER's Founder and CEO, Charli Cooksey, explains what we as a business community can do to drive systemic change in St. Louis.
Geosaurus rendering

Geosaurus’ Gigantic Plan to Push Talent Towards St. Louis’ Next Innovation Frontier

T-REX's Geosaurus Resource and Innovation space, Geosaurus, offers a bridge into St. Louis' geospatial industry for those who don't have security clearance.

St. Louis Business Community Stands to Win from 2020 Census Going Digital

Census decision to drop citizenship question is a win for St. Louis entrepreneurs; internet-based Census brings opportunity and challenges. Caroline Fan is the new govtech and smart cities contributor to EQ.

Building Your Thought Leadership Brand Is More Than Writing Articles

Thought Leadership starts with getting comfortable with your unique voice and perspective. Much harder than it sounds!

The First Step in Making Your Startup’s First Hire

One of the most rewarding parts of my job as a startup founder has been meeting the nearly one hundred St. Louisans that I’ve...

How Autentico Podcast Found Their Own Voice to Amplify the Voices of Latinx Business...

On this episode of Entrepreneurially Thinking, we had the opportunity to talk with Autentico Podcast Hosts, Gabriela Ramirez-Arelleno and Junior Lara.This dynamic pair...

Unheard of STL is Contextualizing Physical Spaces with Sound in Downtown St. Louis

Unheard of St. Louis will be showcasing their audio mapping project at the Tower Grove Market on Saturday, July 13.

Experience Inflation is Killing Our Talent Pool and Here’s What We Can do About...

When I transitioned out of the military in 2007, I was applying for jobs everywhere. I wasn’t sure "what I wanted to be when...

St. Louis Civic Tech Efforts Recognized at National Code for America Conference

Last week, the St. Louis Recorder of Deeds Michael Butler, his staff, and Open STL, the main civic tech volunteer organization, were invited to...

On Innovation City: Arch Grants Discusses Building Economic Sustainability

""What if instead of a company coming in and giving support, an entire city came in and supported entrepreneurs?"Emily Lohse-Busch, Executive Director at Arch Grants joins the Innovation City Podcast to discuss the St. Louis economy, providing support and resources to startups, the process of receiving a grant, the struggle of raising capital in the Midwest, and the future of her organization."

STL Fusion is Invested in Your Success

Downtown coworking space STL Fusion opened its doors last October in the former Industrious offices. Much of the same design remains, but with more of a St. Louis focus, plus added flexibility, and an impressive list of amenities.

The Best Tweets From That Day When St. Louis Brought the Stanley Cup Home

Go Blues! Drawing gigantic crowds for the Stanley Cup Finals, the city's Twitter's game was strong too.

Pluton Biosciences Successfully Raises $98,000 via Nvsted Regulation Crowdfunding Platform

"If you know about Georges Seurat, the french painter who did the 'dot' paintings, we're kind of making a pointillist painting. Each time we complete a microbe discovery it's like adding a dot to the overall picture, and each dot represents a big data play," Charlie Walch, CEO Pluton Biosciences

Clever Real Estate Raises $3.5M To Disrupt Outdated Real Estate Agent Commission Model

In just two years, Clever Real Estate has successfully tapped every cornerstone of the St. Louis Startup Ecosystem, to source $5M in funding from investors committed to midwest regional development.

Midwest Digital Marketing Conference: Leadership Lounge Show with Gv Freeman

The Leadership Lounge was a media and connection space set up for EQ Leadership Labs and #MDMC. It was sponsored by okapi and designed...

Coolfire Studios Unveils New Downtown Creative Co-Working Space

Members get a 25% discount on digital video studio and gear rentals, in addition to post-production capabilities.

Midwest Digital Marketing Conference: Leadership Lounge Show with Tom Ruwitch

Tom Ruwitch says that he often hears stories of how email marketing or some other marketing medium doesn't work. But the vast majority of...

Cortex Expands with Re-invention of Historic 4340 Duncan Building

The $44 million, 15-month renovation of 4340 Duncan in the Cortex Innovation District is nearly complete, and demonstrates the connection, collaboration and community partnership...

ThriveCo Is Going Above and Beyond the Workspace

Entering the smartly decorated space in downtown Clayton, the fresh energy that new coworking space, ThriveCo (222 S Meramec Ave., Ste 202) has brought...

Midwest Digital Marketing Conference: Leadership Lounge Show with Dennis Dayman

As we continue to live more and more of our lives online, internet security has become a hotter and hotter topic. Especially at a...

The Mars Evangelist: Dr. Sheyna Gifford’s Year on the Red Planet

  • St. Louis physician Sheyna Gifford recently spent a year isolated with five other researchers in a 1,400-sq.-ft. geodesic dome perched on a remote Hawaiian volcano’s hillside as part of a NASA-sponsored program to explore the possibilities of human colonization of Mars.
  • The crew of the HI-SEAS IV, or Hawai’i Space Exploration Analog and Simulation, spent 12 months with no other human contact, living in close quarters without access to outside air, fresh food, or privacy. When they did venture outside, they wore space suits.
  • Gifford summed up the job as, “Go to Mars, grow food, do science, don’t kill each other.”
  • Situated on Mauna Loa’s naturally barren, volcanic northern slope, the HI-SEAS habitation site replicated as closely as possible the inhospitable landscape of Mars.
  • Data gathered from the resulting crew interactions and behavioral patterns in these tests will be vital to planning actual missions to Mars in years to come. The 2016 project was the longest space simulation mission to date.
  • Gifford, a neuroscientist, practices medicine at Barnes-Jewish Hospital and has been working on various space-exploration projects for two decades.

Leadership Labs at #MDMC : Leadership Lounge Show with Tim Sanders

Tim Sanders, bestselling author of Love is the Killer App and a long-time hero of EQ’s Editor in Chief, Jonathan Allen, delivered a jaw-dropping...

Coming May 16th 2019: TEDxGatewayArch Chapter to Host Healthcare Focused Mini-Conference

Local and National Healthcare Experts Present Experiential Findings

Fit Small Business Ranks St. Louis Number 2 for “Best Cities For Entrepreneurs”

The annual national ranking by "Fit Small Business" has just announced that St. Louis is #2 Best City for Entrepreneurs in the U.S. —...

Midwest Digital Marketing Conference: Leadership Lounge Show with Katie Krum

Katie Krum has always been a popular presenter at the Midwest Digital Marketing Conference and this year she was back to deliver a keynote...

St. Louis Investor Commits $100,000 to Expand VoiceXP Platform

This week, on May 1st, a prominent South Korean investor based in St. Louis, signed a term sheet to commit to investing $100,000 in...

On Innovation City: Interview with Tim Sanders after EQ Leadership Labs Keynote

"When you get empowered, you get energized. So I say, grow everyone you do business with." — Tim Sanders

Midwest Digital Marketing Conference: Leadership Lounge Show with Perry Drake and Brianna Smith

Now in its seventh year, with more than 2000 attendees, 80 sessions, 100 speakers, and four keynotes, plus panels, a startup competition, nine workshops,...

T-REX Gets a Facelift to Accommodate Booming Startup Scene

Located in a historic building constructed in the 1890's, the design of this formerly unoccupied space is flexible and customizable, allowing tenants to expand their space in response to rapid growth. Juxtaposing the historic architectural bones of the building with bold wall graphics and modern tile patterns, the new interior design creates a connection between the makers who once worked in the building to the entrepreneurs using the space today.

Keeping Self and Business in Balance: Leadership Lounge Show With Gv Freeman

Join me, my guest and featured speaker, Gv (Shane) Freeman, and the 450+ 'preneurs and 50+ speakers at EQ Leadership Labs the morning of...

EQ, St. Louis Post Dispatch, and, Join Forces on #TaxDay to Discuss Media’s...

Our new session at #EQLeadershipLabs offers an extremely rare opportunity to sit down with established media organizations and media literacy experts to dig into the underpinning philosophy of media and the role it plays in society.

21 Questions that Help You Pursue the Right Funding Options for Your Startup

On April 15th, Ched Wagner, Manager of Nvsted, is hosting a panel discussion at EQ Leadership Labs on Crowdfunding Your Business.
video Conference Is Tomorrow: Four Values That Drive David Karandish’s Latest Ventures, the artificial intelligence conference hosted in St. Louis returns tomorrow for the second year running. The conference is the brainchild of David Karandish,...

Consciousness and Capitalism: Leadership Lounge Show with Tyler Kelley

“Capitalism,” says Tyler Kelley, co-founder of SLAM Agency, “is, at its roots, something that is a powerful enough force to change the world.”Which is...

In 12 Months, More Annoying CRM Makes No Progress Against St. Louis Competitor

This post is republished from exactly one year ago.

The Practice of Mindfulness in Business: Leadership Lounge Show with Jo Pang

Jo Pang’s title at Slalom, a strategic consulting company, is “People Partner.” He explains that as being something similar to the non-technical side of...

Black And Latino Artists Debut Businesses At The Makers Mart

Free community event on April 7th invites St. Louis to shop and meet local talent.

What to Expect from St. Louis Magazine’s Kidzpreneur Pitch Competition

The ultimate goal for Kidzpreneur is to have participants and attendees walk away from this experience seeing the greater possibilities. Our motto: If you can imagine it, you can do it!

Spotlighting St. Louis Companies Solving Their Talent Shortages

When St. Louis Community College produced its latest State of the St. Louis Workforce report, 61% of the tech firms surveyed said that they...

There’s a New Way to Crowd Fund, Here’s How it Stacks Up

Crowdfunding 101: Donations- Vs. Rewards- Vs. Securities-based Crowdfunding

ThermoAI Promises Efficiency, Cost savings, and Reduced Emissions from Combustion Energy Sources

Wind, solar and other renewable energy sources are most often the focus of innovation in the energy space because, unlike coal and natural-gas fired...

The Leadership Lounge Show on What to Look Forward to at Leadership Labs, EQ’s...

We discuss behind the scenes details of our upcoming conference, EQ Leadership Labs, the philosophy behind the agenda and spotlighting several of the sessions that you can look forward to.

An Introduction to Regulation Crowdfunding

On April 15th, Ched Wagner, Manager of Nvsted, is hosting a panel discussion at EQ Leadership Labs on Crowdfunding Your Business.

Regavi’s Journey Through Entrepreneurship in St. Louis

Two graduate students at Washington University are turning business networking into an app-based network as entrepreneurs.

#STLmade Video Games Won’t Cause the Disintegration of Society

EQ has been keeping a closer eye on video game development in St. Louis ever since attending GameJam at the St Louis Science Center,...

The New EQ Town Hall: An Open Forum for You to Be Part of...

Back in the early 1600s Town Hall meetings were a way for residents to have a voice in the important issues of the day....

Forgotten Your Business Cards? Regavi Streamlines Making In-Person Connections

You are at a networking event. You don’t have business cards...haven’t had them for a few jobs now. Or you ran out. Or you...

EQ and MDMC Partnership Promises Leadership in Regional Collaboration and National Attention

Admission to the EQ Leadership Labs is free to MDMC ticket holders and Pre-Agenda Super Early Bird tickets are offered through March 11, 2019 via EQ's new reader membership platform, the EQ Community Network. The EQ Community Network is free to join and opens up opportunities to network with other members, submit stories to EQ, post job offers, and access other regional collaboration tools.

Tonight: Retired Mannequins Get a Makeover to Benefit St. Louis Artists and Nonprofits

When Pooki Lee acquired the out-of-work mannequins she didn’t know exactly what she would do with them. But, being a long-time serial entrepreneur and...

GiftAMeal Selected as Top 25 for Startup of the Year SXSW Competition

GiftAMeal to compete in Austin against top startups from around the world.

Calling all Digital Marketing and Media Startups! MDMC Hosting Pitch Competition

The Midwest Digital Marketing Conference (MDMC19) and EC@UMSL are inviting local digital media or marketing startups to apply for the 2019 Midwest Digital Marketing...

African Entrepreneur Grabbed Every Opportunity STL Offered to Launch Herbal Drink Brand in Less...

After marrying a woman from St. Louis and moving to her hometown, serial entrepreneur Ola Adeboye, founder and CEO of Wakava, didn't yet have...

EQ has Partnered with MDMC to Create a New 1-Day Conference Celebrating St. Louis’...

It is with great pleasure and pride that I announce EQ's next adventure! We've had a number of amazing partners sprinting on this...

New Event Series: First EQ Leadership Dojo Today; 3:30pm at Venture Café

Leadership is changing. And I believe that media has a responsibility to inform and support that change.Which is why EQ was a sponsor for...
capital innovators

Capital Innovators Welcomes Spring 2019 Class to St. Louis

St. Louis-based startup accelerator Capital Innovators announced its Spring 2019 class at Venture Cafe in the Cortex District of St. Louis. This class is...

St. Louis Voice Tech Company Teams Up with Multi-Platinum Rapper to Win National Award

Chingy and VoiceXP took first place in the national Alexa Awards competition, beating out other major brand name finalists Tide Stain Remover, Good Housekeeping, and Fitbit.

Connecting St. Louis’ Gigabyte Corridor to Central Business District Shows Placemaking Potential

Completed Ballpark Village could serve as a "Perfectly Centered"​ CBD anchor for a connected set of St. Louis center City districts.

TechArtista is Hosting a Competition for Artists To Redesign Iconic Pyramids

The selected artist will receive cash compensation, a supply stipend, a $250 4 Hands gift certificate, and a 1-year drop-in membership to TechArtista.

Some Kids Just Aren’t Meant for College (Just as Long as We are Talking...

“Some kids,” the Workforce Development Committee chair said, “just aren’t college material.”A version of that statement has been uttered by countless participants in the...

Don’t Drown in “Should”

Transform "Shouldha/Wouldha/Couldha," into "I can. I will. I did."

Crowdfunding Microbes that Eat Mosquito Larvae to Slow Spread of Disease is Latest Campaign...

St. Louis' regional crowdfunding platform adds two new campaigns in 2019, looking for investments in Pluton Biosciences and CAD Trailer Designs.

NiMONiKS Develops InsureTech on Blockchain to Cover Micro Finance Market

Nicole Mwesigwa is co-founder and COO of NiMONiKS, a startup delivering InsureTech and blockchain solutions, headquartered in Wildwood, MO. Co-founded with Hari Srinivasan, her...

Podcast: Surveying Missouri’s Startup Landscape in 2019

Missouri Business Alert’s Speaking Startup podcast explores news and issues important to Missouri entrepreneurs.In this week’s episode, we check in with representatives from the...

St. Louis Startup Milestones Reached in 2018

As the St. Louis region’s startup ecosystem matures, the measurable successes of the companies are getting bigger and more exciting. 2018 milestones for startups...
Dollar sign fundraising

Last Year, Support Organizations Collectively Found Over $8.3M (At Least) in New Funding for...

It's amazing what you'll find down the back of the sofa.

Startup Resolutions: Here’s What You’re NOT Chasing in 2019

Last weekend saw "the most depressing day of the year," come and go. January 12th (in the UK it’s today, January 21st, known as...

How St. Louis Activism Made Lemonade in 2018

We're almost a month into 2019 already, but with New Year's day falling on a Wednesday, this year got more of a gentle start than most. So, EQ's 'Member Berries' series that recaps all of the cool stuff that happened in 2018 is definitely a little late but we've got plenty of reasons to be cheerful.

How St. Louis Made Tech Headlines in 2018

While economic development organizations have always known this, recognition that Tech companies have an important role to play in the economic development of a city has been growing steadily among the investor community. As Tech investors grapple with an increasing sense of social responsibility, they have been looking to inspiration from cities outside of their traditional purview. Remarkably, St. Louis' startup ecosystem was often on their radar. In 2018, after years of stealthy bus tours to the Midwest, prominent investors started acting on their meditations, putting St. Louis at the center of many conversations.

Ten Semi-Finalists Announced for $1,000,000 Pitch Competition

But only five go through to the finals; where they'll pitch live in a shark tank style event on January 28, 2019, at Chaifetz Arena.
LaunchCoderGirl EQSTL EQ St. Louis Tech

Mastercard Commits $250,000 To Support LaunchCode’s CoderGirl

Representatives to present check at CoderGirl Graduation.

Facebook Grants Claim Academy Another $250,000 in Scholarship Funding

Claim Academy has been awarded a second grant from Facebook Community Boost. Applications for Facebook scholarships in 2019 are now open until Sunday, January 13.

Text Messages Are Getting A Major Upgrade

With RCS, those futuristic cyberpunk dreams of bite-size AIs and a persistent mobile web become evenly distributed.

Step Up Your Social Selling in 2019 With These 4 Linkedin Outreach Tactics

Registration is now open for SalesMentour's next sales accelerator event on Tuesday, January 15, 2019 from 4:30 PM to 9:00 PM at T-Rex, sponsored...

Pairing a Strong Social Mission with Strong Customer ROI Proves to be a Profitable...

The last quarter of 2018 saw GiftAMeal pick up nearly a quarter of a million dollars in awards and funding.

Wellston Business Center Helped Bella Lavish Decorations Take Passion Project Full Time

Radiology technologist-turned-balloon decorator finds mentorship and room to grow at the STL Partnership Business Center @ Wellston.

SwipeSum Raises A Cool Million

St. Louis FinTech startup that offers a credit card processing marketplace to eliminate merchant fees is backed by notable angel investors.

Applied Particle Technology Wins $100,000 in NASA Earth and Space Air Prize Competition

St. Louis cleanTech startup just won their ticket to the moon.

Key2Enable Launch Crowdfunding Campaign for Key-X Keyboard for Cerebral Palsy

Key2Enable, a Portfolio Company of Singularity University, has launched a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGogo to fund the large-scale production and distribution of their product,...

The “I’m No Different” Paradox

Fundamental gaps in experience prevent investment in diverse startups.

STL Entrepreneurs: Don’t Miss “For Creators By Creators” on December 12th

These guys want to help you turn your product idea into a product reality.
T-REX Impact Report

How Relocating to T-Rex Brought Engility Closer to the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

Given the early success of T-REX for Engility and NGA, I think the venerable tyrannosaur may be my new personal spirit animal.

Partnership for Economic Impact: Financial Empowerment and Sustainability

Improving access to financial services and critical employment skills training for low-to-moderate income communities.

Social Entrepreneurs are Symbiotic With Traditional For-Profit Business

The goals of social good and for-profit businesses may not be opposed. There's a natural quid-pro-quo that social entrepreneurs can offer traditional industry.

I Love This Radical Approach To Workforce Development

Entrepreneur Quest Student Accelerator Competition, the first ever collaboration of universities statewide, got off to a phenomenal start.

Clever Real Estate Raises $1M From Spirit of St. Louis Fund

Clever Real Estate has now raised a total of $1.5M in venture capital.

Purchase with Purpose: Meet OneOddBird

Lori Samuels is the founder of OneOddBird, a unique women’s accessories brand that recently relocated to St. Louis from San Marino, California. Samuels is...

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