Innovation City Podcast Celebrates 120 Episodes, Counts Down Top 20 of All Time

Created and produced by SLAM! Agency in cooperation with Venture Cafe St. Louis and Venture Cafe Miami, Innovation City gives you an inside look at how rapidly business and culture are changing thanks to increasing diversity and inclusion, heightened creativity, and a stronger and better-connected business community.

On Entrepreneurially Thinking: Provider Pool is Building an Uber for Nurses

Joining this episode of Entrepreneurially Thinking is Janna Westbrook, Founder, and CEO of Provider Pool, an online labor marketplace created for the healthcare industry. Janna is a Registered Nurse and is fueled by her passion for healthcare. She has dedicated her efforts to tackle challenges within the industry.

150 Episodes of Dreaming Big, Having Grit, and Identifying Opportunities

On the Entrepreneurially Thinking podcast, we recently interviewed Jessica Hitchcock, former arts administrator now owner of Jessica Hitchcock, LLC about her two passions: business...

On Entrepreneurially Thinking: heyFRIEND! Author, Keisha Mabry On Meeting 100 People in 100 Days

Joining the 150th episode of Entrepreneurially Thinking is Keisha Mabry, Founder of heyFRIEND!, a platform that teaches people how to build authentic relationships.

On Entrepreneurially Thinking: Jeff and Randy Vines, Creators and Owners of STL-Style

Joining this episode of Entrepreneurially Thinking are identical twins, Jeff and Randy Vines, creators and owners of STL-Style, a St. Louis inspired graphic design and apparel company that has been featured in publications such as The New York Times and Fast Company.

Growth is About Making Vision-Shaping Shifts for this Dynamic Entrepreneur

On this episode of Entrepreneurially Thinking, we talk with Marissa Paine, Founder of Painfree Coaching & Consulting and Marissa Q. Paine International and co-host of the Life, Love and Leadership podcast whose work as a culture-shifter inspires and supports leaders to realize their full potential.

On Innovation City: Mighty Cricket’s Founder Is A Real Cereal Entrepreneur

“It’s the one-to-one relationships that I have built that sparked it all, because you meet those people and they are the ones who introduce you to everyone else.” — Sarah Schlafly

On Innovation City: ITEN Discusses Furthering the Tech Startup Ecosystem

“[When working with startups] I’ll take the guy who hits the single every time he gets up to bat versus somebody that you’re waiting for to hit a home run.” — Mary Louise Helbig

On Entrepreneurially Thinking: Collections by Joya on Market Testing

Joining this episode is Betsy Blancett-Nacrelli, Founder of Collections by Joya. Betsy’s lifelong passion for Women empowerment and her 14 years of experience in international retail and design, afforded her many opportunities to travel to amazing places such as Istanbul, Bali and India where she fell in love with the vast selection of artisan jewelry. Founded in 2016, Collections by Joya continues to grow and inspire women all over the world. Betsy believe fully that when women support each other, incredible things can happen!

On Entrepreneurially Thinking: The Link Market on Food Justice, Hunger and Health

Joining this episode is Dr. Jeremy Goss, Founder, Chairman and CEO of The Link Market. Jeremy is an advocate for low-income communities on issues related to food justice, hunger and health. Upon graduating from St. Louis University School of Medicine, Jeremy took notice to the fact that healthy food options were not available to certain communities in the St. Louis Region. Jeremy’s frustration turned into a life-changing idea for many St. Louis residents.

On Entrepreneurially Thinking: Indie 4 On Setting Up a Catering Business

Joining this episode is Shannon Thompson, Proprietor of Indie 4 Eatery and Indie 4 Catering. Shannon devoted 12 years of her life to the United States Air Force. Upon returning, she spent a short time in the corporate world. It didn’t take long for Shannon to realize that the corporate world just didn’t fill her passion within; It was then that she and her husband started Indie 4 Catering and the rest is history.

Six Years of Storytelling Places Humans of St. Louis at the Intersection of Art,...

Storytelling has opened new doors and created new community connections for these creative entrepreneurs.

On Entrepreneurially Thinking: Alexces Bartley from MO SourceLink on Accessing Local Startup Resources

Joining this episode is Alexces Bartley, Director and Network Builder of Missouri SourceLink. At her core, Alex is a connector with a deep passion for helping communities and individuals grow through access to entrepreneurial opportunities. Prior to her work with Missouri SourceLink, Alex served as Outreach Programs Manager at Oklahoma State University Riata Center for Entrepreneurship.

On Entrepreneurially Thinking: Collective STL On Healing Mind, Body and Spirit in North St....

Joining this episode are Terry and Ericka Harris and Alonzo Nelson, Jr., Co-Founders of Collective STL. This team of amazing yogi’s create a healthy and safe experience catered to African Americans by offering compassionate wisdom that helps heal the mind, body and spirit through techniques of yoga mindfulness and culturally relevant self-strategies.

On Entrepreneurially Thinking: Gladiator Consulting on Structuring Core Values and Guiding Principles

Joining this episode of Entrepreneurially Thinking is Rachel D’Souza Siebert, Founder and Principal of Gladiator Consulting. Rachel is at her best when she’s starting, fixing or leading. In 2015, Gladiator Consulting came to life offering Core Values and Guiding Principles to our communities.

EQ Podcast: What Can Entrepreneurs Do to Create an Epic Life?

Check out the full interview with Matthew Ferry, Author of Quiet Mind Epic Life on YouTube and subscribe to our channel.Save the Date: October...

EQ Podcast: It’s OK to Pivot Your Startup

Full Interview with Adam Hoffman, Founder and CEO of Qstodian

On Innovation City: Qstodian Discusses Listening to the Marketplace

Meet Adam Hoffman, CEO of Qstodian. Adam sits down with the team to discuss launching his new venture: Qstodian, the importance of listening to the marketplace, being welcomed by St. Louis’ startup community, and much more!

On Entrepreneurially Thinking: Jessica Hitchcock On Following Her Entrepreneurial Heart for Art

On this episode of Jessica Hitchcock , owner of Jessica Hitchcock, LLC. She recently quit her day job to devote her efforts full-time to her art business. Following a recent trip to Mexico to work with an expert and discuss her business plan, she got off to a great start and is now getting her name out there. Jessica paints from her home in St. Louis, Missouri and it’s her bold colors that give her a signature look.

The Power of Transformation Is The Strategy For This Community Focused Entrepreneur

On this episode of Entrepreneurially Thinking, we had the opportunity to talk with visionary strategist, master communicator, top-notch trainer and facilitator Rebeccah Bennett. She...

On Entrepreneurially Thinking: MADE Makerspace on Makers, Artists, Designers, Entrepreneurs

Joining this episode is Nick Dunne, Communications Director For MADE, Third Degree Glass Factory and The Delmar Maker District. A 2011 graduate of Webster University with a B.A. degree in Public Relations, Nick brings a culmination of marketing experience to all three businesses while using his background as a professional communicator to elevate the community of artists, makers and other entrepreneurs in the St. Louis area.

On Entrepreneurially Thinking: De Nichols on Designing Creative Cultures of Impact

Joining this episode is De Nichols, Principal of Design and Social Practice at Civic Creatives. As a cultural producer, De organizes artists to develop digital media and visual artworks that extend the impact of her design practice.

On Entrepreneurially Thinking: Claire Flowers On Quitting Technology Career to Found Shoe Company

Joining this episode is Claire Flowers, Founder and Designer of Claire Flowers, LLC. Claire has a passion for making things better. While working in sales and constantly traveling for her work, Claire found herself rapidly going through pairs of heels. In an effort to make women’s lives easier, Claire decided to make a change. In December of 2014, Claire quit her full-time technology career to make this idea a reality by forming Claire Flowers, LLC.

On Entrepreneurially Thinking: Aims Moon Paperie on Showcasing Your Inner Entrepreneur

Joining this episode is Amy Slaughter, Owner of Aims Moon Paperie. Founded in 2016, Aims Moon Paperie is a stationery company dedicated to providing women with tools for self-reflection and organization. A writer for many years, Amy found journaling was a way to de-clutter her thoughts. Aims Moon Paperie is a chic, handcrafted-gifts brand that allows you to write your thoughts in style.

On Entrepreneurially Thinking: Rung for Women on Wealth Building, Family Stability, Well-Being and Career

Joining this episode is Leslie Gill, Executive Director of Rung for Women. Having served in leadership capacities for several profit and non-profit organizations, Leslie has been deeply involved in a wide range of social welfare issues.

On Entrepreneurially Thinking: CEO MOM on ‘Empire Building’

Joining this episode is Devon Moody-Graham, CEO and Founder of CEO MOM. Devon is a Wife, Mother, CEO, and Community Leader. Devon is passionate about creating solutions to ease the journey of pulling off all of the above. Devon created CEO MOM as a platform to help mothers who are entrepreneurs make their dreams come true.

Love, Magic and Passion Is the Secret Recipe for This Food Entrepreneur

On this episode of Entrepreneurially Thinking, we had the opportunity to talk with Reine Bayoc, Creator and Owner of the thriving SweetArt Bake Shop...

On Entrepreneurially Thinking: Sq1 Ignite Launches Core + Rind into Shelf Space at Whole...

Joining this episode are Rita Childers and Candi Haas, Co-owners of Core + Rind. Both are certified Culinary Nutrition experts and together have created Cashew Cheesy Sauce to make your journey to health not only easier, but tastier as well.

On Entrepreneurially Thinking: Float STL on Opening a Float Center in St Louis

Joining this episode are Jacob Resch and Kevin McCulloch, Founders of FLOAT STL, St. Louis’ first float center. FLOAT STL was opened in February of 2015 and has facilitated over 42,000 floats and continues the mission to help create a better access to this healing modality.

On Entrepreneurially Thinking: Venture for America Fellows Stimulate Startups

Joining this episode are Kate Loar of Venture For America and Chisom Uche, Alumnus of Venture For America and current Senior Associate at SixThirty.

On Innovation City: WellBeing Brewing Discusses The Definition of Beer (and Raising Capital)

"Raising money is hard, but you stumble through it…you work your way through every phase of the [startup] process." — Jeff Stevens

How Autentico Podcast Found Their Own Voice to Amplify the Voices of Latinx Business...

On this episode of Entrepreneurially Thinking, we had the opportunity to talk with Autentico Podcast Hosts, Gabriela Ramirez-Arelleno and Junior Lara.This dynamic pair...

On Entrepreneurially Thinking: The Best of #ETHINKSTL Holiday Highlight Show

Enjoy some of the best ETHINKSTL episodes of the season. Check out this highlight episode for your must have entrepreneurial punch-list.

On Entrepreneurially Thinking: Boeing EIR Steve Epner on Outside Inside Thinking

Joining this episode is Steve Epner. Steve has over 40 years of consulting experience. He served as "Entrepreneur in Residence" at Boeing and founded and manages the St. Louis Innovation Round table.

On Innovation City: Arch Grants Discusses Building Economic Sustainability

""What if instead of a company coming in and giving support, an entire city came in and supported entrepreneurs?"Emily Lohse-Busch, Executive Director at Arch Grants joins the Innovation City Podcast to discuss the St. Louis economy, providing support and resources to startups, the process of receiving a grant, the struggle of raising capital in the Midwest, and the future of her organization."
The Bourbon Friday Show

The Bourbon Friday Show with Junior Lara from the Auténtico Podcast

On this episode of the Bourbon Friday Show, we had the opportunity to talk with Junior Lara, host of the Auténtico Podcast.Serving the Latinx...

On Entrepreneurially Thinking: Marissa Paine On Getting Back to Self-Care

Marissa talks about taking a pause from the work she is good at doing with Painefree Coaching & Consulting but not finding the joy in it anymore and get back to self-care habits.

On Entrepreneurially Thinking: Lisa Hu Jumps from the Corporate World into Entrepreneurship with Lux...

Joining this episode is Lisa Hu, founder and designer of Lux and Nyx. Lux and Nyx is a line of luxury handbags designed with the working female in mind. Lux and Nyx handbags are a line of ‘work and play’ bags that take women from Yoga class in the morning through drinks on the rooftop at night with style.

On Innovation City: Morgan Ingram on Filling the Sales Education Void

"Grow 1% better every single day. That's it. What is one new tip that I can try out or learn?" — Morgan Ingram

On Entrepreneurially Thinking: Katie Petty, Inventor of The Brushless Paw Wash

Joining this episode is Katie Petty, president of Wild Heart, LLC and inventor of The Brushless Paw Wash. In 2002, Katie came up with a thought that later turned into the invention of The Brushless Paw Wash. Katie used her 6th grade Science Fair as a way to test this new product and after rave reviews, Katie developed and patented her well-thought-out invention.

On Innovation City: Interview with Tim Sanders after EQ Leadership Labs Keynote

"When you get empowered, you get energized. So I say, grow everyone you do business with." — Tim Sanders

On Innovation City: The Climate Corporation Discusses Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture

"At the end of the day, you live and die by the value you create for your customers." — Mark Young

On Entrepreneurially Thinking: Tami Lange of Save The Girls

On Entrepreneurially Thinking: Tami Lange has created a one of a kind purse that not only carries credit cards, license and our cheaters, but it also has a clear backing pouch that your phone slides into that allows you to fully operate your phone without ever having to take it out of your purse.
Washington University OTM

How WashU’s Office of Technology Management is Rebooting the Tech Transfer Office

Like most startup organizations at some point in their lifecycle, Washington University's Office of Technology Management (OTM) is in the midst of a pivot. Here's how the office is making an impact in the local ecosystem.

Disrupting Planetary Exploration with John Richter

Before explorers can go somewhere new, they have to plan how they'll get there and understand what will happen when they arrive. With Transmissions from...