With SLU’s Big Ideas Challenge Our Minds Are Fixed On the Future of St....

SLU is currently engaged in a bold reshaping of its future. We firmly believe universities have the power to inspire transformative thinking that translates...

Saint Louis University Becomes First in St. Louis Region to Achieve I-Corps Site Status

The Office of the Vice President for Research at Saint Louis University (SLU) has announced that SLU has become the first university in the...

This Friday: SLU Hosting Masterclass on Self Management and Shared Leadership

Doug Kirkpatrick from The Morning Star Company will be presenting at the The Age of Self-Management & Shared Leadership event, hosted by the Richard...
Allsup Summer Academy

Saint Louis University Captures the Teen Entrepreneurial Spirit

Entrepreneurship is not limited to any age, as evidenced by the successful high school programs hosted by Saint Louis University and its close partnership...

11 SLU Alumni Who Are Impacting St. Louis’ Tech Scene

The entrepreneurial rise in St. Louis couldn’t happen without the foundation and support set by successful mentors and entrepreneurs who came before. Here are

A College Startup: SLU’s Student Experience in Entrepreneurship

How does Saint Louis University engage its students in entrepreneurship opportunities? Let us count the ways.
SLU COOK MBA Classroom-15

How Saint Louis University Led the Entrepreneurial Education Revolution

While St. Louis has been becoming more known around the country as an emerging hub for tech startups, Saint Louis University is a place where a focus on entrepreneurship isn’t a new trend.

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