This Startup is Helping Flip Education

Dr. Renato Cataldo has a doctorate in pharmacy, has been involved in multiple startup exits within the technology space and is a university professor....

Startups Are Our Economic Future: So Why Aren’t We Funding Them?

By Carter Williams, managing director of iSelect Fund Most people think the key to job creation in their state or city is to attract relatively large,...

This Biomedical Startup is Taking on Life-Threatening Fibrotic Disease

There is a highly progressive and life threatening disease that affects approximately 130,000 people in the United States. It’s worse than many cancers. According...

What Do All Startups Need?

By Carter Williams, President, CEO and Investment Committee of iSelect Funds In chapter two of Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Tom’s Aunt Polly...

Family Offices Aren’t Investing Like They Used To

By Carter Williams, Managing Director of iSelect Fund The family office is changing. Rather than turn assets over to managers, today’s family offices increasingly prefer to invest...

Why Evidence-Based Innovation is Great News for STL Biotech

On November 3rd, from 6:30 – 8:30pm, the second floor of CIC@4240 will become the location of a unique gathering of people looking to elevate St. Louis healthcare.

Changing the Way Mid-America Moves: Ward Alternative Energy

We talk with Paul Nelson, President of Ward Alternative Energy about expanding their low-cost, clean natural energy to transportation fleets across the country.

Innovation is Not Random

By Carter Williams, President, CEO and Investment Committee of iSelect Funds My great privilege in life is growing up in an entrepreneurial country, receiving a...

Startup Story: Bractlet Founders Expend All Their Energy To Help Conserve Yours

The idea for Bractlet, an energy analytics platform that increases efficiency, was born while current CEO, Alec Manfre, was still a student at Georgia Tech University. To get their idea off the ground, Manfre, Brian Smith and Matthew Lynch looked to find funding wherever they could get it. After starting in a series of apartment-offices, Bractlet is enjoying incredible success today, but the founding team hasn't abandoned its dedication to finding solutions—no matter what it takes.

Agrilyst Provides a Platform for Indoor Farmers to Understand Their Data

Allison Kopf is the Founder and CEO of data and analytics startup Agrilyst, a platform designed to optimize indoor farming.

Home Is Where The Capital Is

When it comes to deciding where to invest, St. Louis- based iSelect Fund keeps the region top of mind.
Founder of Streamlink, Adam Roth. Photo courtesy of Streamlink

Founder Series: Adam Roth of Streamlink

Adam Roth is founder and CEO of Streamlink Software, an Ohio-based company in the iSelect portfolio. We talked to him on the career shift...

Can St. Louis Become the Next Bioscience Hub?

The growing list of bioscience companies bringing their research and operations to STL has forced many to take notice of the city's place in the industry's evolving landscape