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Lewis & Clark Ventures On Investing $100M In Heartland Startups

Scott Bernstein is a Principal at Lewis & Clark Ventures, the first “$100,000,000+” tech venture fund in St. Louis. Before joining Lewis & Clark, Scott...

Arch Grants Says STL Needs Startups, Not the NFL

We've now had a week to come to terms with the fact that St. Louis is no longer the home of the NFL's Rams. As...

Facebook just announced major changes to its algorithm. Here’s what that means for your...

I was sitting aboard a plane last week when I read Mark Zuckerburg’s post announcing major changes to Facebook’s algorithm. He said the changes would...

Innovation Hall is Emblematic Of All Our Achievements In Building The St. Louis Startup...

When a city invests in its entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs will invest in the city.

Rent the Runway CEO Taps St. Louis for its Re-Emerging Garment District

Jennifer Hyman, the co-founder and CEO of Rent the Runway, will deliver the 13th Annual St. Louis Business Journal Women’s Conference keynote on January...

Startup Resolutions: Here’s What You’re Chasing In 2018

Welcome back! Yep, 2018 has already started. Crack on!

Expert Roundtable: St. Louis Business & Political Leaders Sound Off on Socioeconomic Inequality

4 honorees and a host of tonight’s NAACP Freedom Fund Leadership Dinner give their takes on the state of race relations and economic inequality...

The Division Between the Communities of the Metro Area is Holding us Back, but...

EQ's new Editor-At-Large, Dustin McKissen, shares his perspective on one thing that stings as a new transplant to the region, but shouldn't hold St. Louis back.
The Bourbon Friday Show

The Bourbon Friday Show with Ellen Chisa from Dark

On this episode of the Bourbon Friday Show, we had the opportunity to talk with Ellen Chisa, CEO and Co-Founder of Dark.
Downtown STL Innovation District Brian Matthews

Downtown St. Louis Innovation Community: 2015 Highlights, 2016 Predictions

By Brian Matthews, Managing Director of Cultivation Capital 2015 was another great year for increasing the footprint and impact of the Innovation Community on the...

Terrible Public Policy is Keeping the St. Louis Region from Achieving its American Dream

We don't need no edumacation. Terrible Public Policy is Keeping the St. Louis Region from Achieving its Entrepreneurial Potential
The Bourbon Friday Show

The Bourbon Friday Show with Darcella Craven from the Veterans Business Resource Center

On this episode of the Bourbon Friday Show, we had the opportunity to talk with Darcella Craven, President of the Veterans Business Resource Center (Vet Biz).

21 Questions that Help You Pursue the Right Funding Options for Your Startup

On April 15th, Ched Wagner, Manager of Nvsted, is hosting a panel discussion at EQ Leadership Labs on Crowdfunding Your Business.

Why the St. Louis Region Should be Proud of the Startup Scene (and it...

When I first became involved with the startup scene here in St. Louis, I heard one phrase get used a lot: St. Louis needed...
The Bourbon Friday Show

The Bourbon Friday Show with Mark Tatgenhorst from Geosaurus

On this episode of the Bourbon Friday Show, we had the opportunity to talk with Mark Tatgenhorst, Program Director of Geosaurus.
The Bourbon Friday Show

The Bourbon Friday Show with Jason Hall from Arch to Park

On this episode of the Bourbon Friday Show, we had the opportunity to talk with Jason Hall, CEO and Co-Founder of Arch to Park.

Daniel Fogarty From LaunchCode On Giving People Access to Tech Jobs

Tech jobs have a lot of high barriers to entry... What we want to do is pull down those barriers so that anybody that wants to work in this field has the opportunity.

Holiday Gift Guide: Giving The Gifts Of St. Louis Startups

Hello December, and hello holiday season! Time to bust out the Mariah Carey, untangle the lights, and start crafting your wishlists to Jeff Bezos.
The Bourbon Friday Show

The Bourbon Friday Show with Adam Stumpf from Stumpy’s Spirits Distillery

On this episode of the Bourbon Friday Show, we had the opportunity to talk with Adam Stumpf, Owner and Distiller at Stumpy’s Spirits.

Last Week Amazon Announced It’s Coming to St. Charles County. Here’s What It Means...

It isn’t often that two major e-commerce companies announce they will create nearly 2,000 combined jobs in one community. It’s even rarer when the...

5 Reasons To Build Your Startup in St. Louis

This month, finalists for the 2017 summer cohort make their pitches to the Arch Grants competition committee to secure a $50,000 grant to grow their startup in St. Louis, Missouri.

Maxine Clark on Bridging the Delmar Divide with Social Entrepreneurship

Maxine Clark, the well known philanthropist and creator of Build-a-Bear Workshop, is leading a redevelopment project to transform an old hospital on Delmar into...

Vicia, A New Restaurant at Cortex, Named 10 Best in the Country by USA...

Vicia, a new restaurant at Cortex, makes the USA TODAY Top 10 list of Best New Restaurants of 2017.
The Bourbon Friday Show

The Bourbon Friday Show with Steve Sommers from TEDxGatewayArch

On this episode of the Bourbon Friday Show, we had the opportunity to talk with Steve Sommers, Executive Director of TEDxGatewayArch.
The Bourbon Friday Show

The Bourbon Friday Show with Charli Cooksey from WEPOWER

On this episode of the Bourbon Friday Show, we had the opportunity to talk with Charli Cooksey, Founder and CEO of WEPOWER.

What if St. Louis Addressed the Tech Talent Shortage Better Than Any Other City?

In 2017, St. Louis pulled together a cohesive, region-wide plan to woo Amazon to our area for its second headquarters. Yet despite our best...

OPO Startups Members Have Raised $10M and Created a Combined Payroll of $12M. Here’s...

OPO is a co-working center for digital Startups located in the “Old Post Office” building on Main Street St. Charles. The 10,000 square foot...
The Bourbon Friday Show

The Bourbon Friday Show with Ola Ayeni from Claim Academy

On this episode of the Bourbon Friday Show, we had the opportunity to talk with Ola Ayeni, Founder and Chief Idea Officer of Claim Academy.
T-REX stock_burnout

Avoid Startup Burnout: 8 Tips From LockerDome’s Gabe Lozano

Gabe Lozano, co-founder and CEO of LockerDome, shares his stressbusting tips.

St. Louis Needs A Sales Skills Accelerator

And we don't have one yet, so we're launching a series of sales skills training events to activate the sales community here in St. Louis.

What’s Next For St. Louis With Dan Lohman

As the St. Louis startup community continues to grow, the voices and concerns of its founders, grass roots organizers and support organizations need to...

You Are (So Much) More Than Your Business Cards

Putting the "social" back in networking.
The Bourbon Friday Show

The Bourbon Friday Show with Dr. Chris Ho from Drug Design Methodologies

On this episode of the Bourbon Friday Show, we had the opportunity to talk with Dr. Chris Ho, Owner and CSO of Drug Design Methodologies.

Connecting St. Louis’ Gigabyte Corridor to Central Business District Shows Placemaking Potential

Completed Ballpark Village could serve as a "Perfectly Centered"​ CBD anchor for a connected set of St. Louis center City districts.
The Bourbon Friday Show

The Bourbon Friday Show with Janna Westbrook from Provider Pool

On this episode of the Bourbon Friday Show, we had the opportunity to talk with Janna Westbrook, CEO and Founder of Provider Pool.

3 Reasons (Backed By Data) That 2018 is a Great Year to Start a...

You likely already have plans for what you’ll be doing in 2018. Maybe you’ve already bought tickets for an epic trip or committed yourself to...

3 Strategies for Midwest Entrepreneurs Looking for Startup Funding

Do you dream of launching your own startup? If so, finance probably comes high on your list of priorities. As a founder myself, I’ve...

Startup Growth: Slow and Steady — Or Fast and Furious?

Calling all hares and tortoises! The race is on!
The Bourbon Friday Show

The Bourbon Friday Show with Michael Powers from Tower Grove Pride

On this episode of the Bourbon Friday Show, we had the opportunity to talk with Olamide Adeboye, CEO and Founder of Wakava.

Some Kids Just Aren’t Meant for College (Just as Long as We are Talking...

“Some kids,” the Workforce Development Committee chair said, “just aren’t college material.” A version of that statement has been uttered by countless participants in the...
Lunch and Learn

How To Make Your Lunch & Learns Suck Less

10 tips for co-working space community managers and presenters
Desk bootstrap startup

How Startup Funding Works And Why We’ve Decided To Bootstrap

By Tyler King, CEO of Less Annoying CRM When my brother and I started Less Annoying CRM, we decided to bootstrap. If you’re not familiar...

Your Enemy Is Indecision: How To Reduce Sales Cycle Times & Increase Close Rates

Structuring decisive approaches to long standing customer issues is what selling is all about.

The “I’m No Different” Paradox

Fundamental gaps in experience prevent investment in diverse startups.

Startups Are Our Economic Future: So Why Aren’t We Funding Them?

By Carter Williams, managing director of iSelect Fund Most people think the key to job creation in their state or city is to attract relatively large,...

Creating an Inclusive Ecosystem: Jason Hall of St. Louis Regional Chamber

Nationwide, the need for increased diversity and inclusion in the startup space has (rightfully) gained more attention. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the federal government’s...

Social Entrepreneurship More About the Ends than the Means

This article was written with assistance and editorial by Ted Floros. The opinions expressed in this article are our own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Beyond Housing or Washington University.

5 Things Startup Entrepreneurs Can Learn from a Chef

OlioCity discusses entrepreneurship with award winning chef, Gerard Craft, founder of Porano Pasta, a fast casual Italian restaurant that is a favorite of Downtown residents and workers.
Brown Smith Wallace St Louis

4 Year-End Tax Planning Tips for Startups

Tax planning in 2016 is as important as ever, especially for startup and small businesses. With tax law changes in December 2015, tax reform on the agenda, and a new US President in 2017, it is important to review your tax situation before the end of 2016. Todd Reich of Brown Smith Wallace shares a few things startups should pay attention to right now.

7 Habits of Highly Effective Entrepreneurs

St Louis’ unique ecosystem of incubators, accelerators, competitions and startup facilities is working. Not only does it transform startups into thriving businesses, but it also produces...
Financials Stock

5 Lessons from a Startup Veteran

Five lessons startups and entrepreneurs can glean from a veteran startup consultant.

Matt Homann From Filament On Making Unreasonable Requests

We use unreasonable requests to make people better at asking for things.
VentureBeat’s BLUEPRINT 2018 Conference

7 Awesome Moments from VentureBeat’s #BLUEPRINT2018 Conference

As developments like Amazon's HQ2 search and the opening of Tesla's Gigafactory 1 demonstrate, the American Heartland is grabbing the new economy by the horns. Government officials, business leaders, and startup luminaries descended on Reno, Nevada to discuss how we take the next step up.

STL Community Cast: Alderman Jeffrey Boyd on Reinventing North St Louis One Neighborhood at...

Jeffrey Boyd grew up in Hamilton Heights in North St Louis, a neighborhood he now serves as Alderman of the 22nd ward. Back in...
Brown Smith Wallace valuation

So, What’s Your Startup Worth?

How do you get potential investors to notice you in a crowded pool of startup investment opportunities? Developing a reliable valuation may be a...

What To Do In St. Louis This Weekend (October 13th)

Beer, Pixies and running to Rock 'n' Roll.

Why Missouri Innovation Leaders Should Focus on AgTech and Autonomous Vehicles

I’m not originally from Missouri, so the first time I drove from St. Louis to Kansas City, I learned three things: Missouri has a...

Experience Inflation is Killing Our Talent Pool and Here’s What We Can do About...

When I transitioned out of the military in 2007, I was applying for jobs everywhere. I wasn’t sure "what I wanted to be when...
Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith On Role of Regional Chamber to Bridge the “Valley of Death”

"We're going to put our own money and the money of our investors in play. We feel we can do this in a way that is really effective, because of the relationships we have in the business community."

Christina Hawatmeh On Founding Scopio And Storytelling Through User Generated Content

Whether you're getting someone to buy something, or experience something, or donate to something, user generated content is generally what's powering that decision making process.

On Last Week’s “Bourbon Friday Show” – Erik Lutenegger of Tenacity, and the “New...

Over the last two weeks, myself and a few other entrepreneurs at T-REX decided to organize a live-stream show on social media. In honor of...

Keeping it Simple: 4 Startup Mentors Give Advice to Founders

We reached out to four mentors at Capital Innovators and asked them the tough question: if you had to give one piece of advice to founders, what would it be

Ben Burke on Commitment and Creativity at Arch Grants

"When you meet somebody, you just feel, you know, you see that they're not going to lose. They're not going to give in."

Zach Winkler of SafeTrek on Dealing with Uncertain Decisions

What started as an idea for a college contest has become a promising platform for personal security and wellness. In my conversation with Zach...

Dustin McKissen On Our Regional Advantages For Risk-Takers

"It's such a strong selling point for this region that the cost of living allows people to take a risk. The average age of...

Stop Treating Your Failure Like it was the Ultimate Warrior

When I was a child, one of my heroes disappeared. Poof. Gone. No more. Like he never existed in the first place. It was 1992, and The...

State of the St. Louis “Techforce”: Jobs are Plentiful but Employer’s Hiring Practices Remain...

We all want St. Louis to be a “hub” of something: in startup growth, in geospatial intelligence, in cybersecurity, in healthcare, in agtech. There...

Brian Dixon On Human Capital And The Most Powerful Technology In The World: The...

"I hold the belief that coincidences don't exist. And synchronicity is powerful."

Commentary: Travis Sheridan on St. Louis’ Ecosystem Growing Pains

Why we should treat our startup ecosystem as the still maturing, sometimes messy, teenager that it is.

Innovative Strategies to Get St. Louisans Hired and Companies Fully Staffed

Join a panel discussion on this topic this Thursday, June 27 from 6:30-7:30 pm, at Venture Café.

Building a Fair Trade Clothing Brand in St. Louis: Meet Beautiful Mexicana

When you hear the word "fair trade", you might immediately think of the Guatemalan coffee from your favorite hipster coffee chain or tomato farmers; in reality, the scope is much larger. Fair trade encompasses the entire supply chain from getting the product made by the original producer to shipping it to a store, and into placing it in the hands of the final consumer.

What Would You Do With A 900 Meg Upload Speed?

This year's Startup Connection was hosted at The Globe Building which is known for crazy fast internet speeds. The potential of a 900 meg...

Scrappy Marketing Tactics for Growing Your Bootstrapped Business

For the bootstrapped entrepreneur the quickest path to failure is running out of cash. Sapper Consulting shares five marketing tips to stop that happening.

Ireland’s Dogpatch Labs Provides Global Model for Corporate-Startup Collaboration

Dogpatch Labs is a startup hub located in central Dublin in Ireland. In 2016, it was on the itinerary for a delegation of St....

Farmers Aren’t Just the Backbone of America. They’re People Too.

Today's modern farmers are social, informed, and online. If you don't already know this, your ag business is likely missing out on some major marketing opportunities.

Step Up Your Social Selling in 2019 With These 4 Linkedin Outreach Tactics

Registration is now open for SalesMentour's next sales accelerator event on Tuesday, January 15, 2019 from 4:30 PM to 9:00 PM at T-Rex, sponsored...
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St. Louis’ SLAM! Agency Opens Office In Miami CIC

SLAM! Agency, the agency behind the podcast “Innovation City” is hosting a grand opening for their new Miami office in CIC’s Wynwood co-working space...

“Don’t Take Advice” & Other Startup Advice: 7 Lessons Learned From Champio & Farmplicity...

By Jolijt Tamanaha My name is Jolijt Tamanaha, and I’m a recovering entrepreneur. I’m the co-founder of Champio, software that helps the 70% of Americans who hate...

What To Do In St. Louis This Weekend (January 19th)

It's freezing, snowy, and generally miserable outside. Lucky for you, there are quite a few things going on this weekend worth leaving the house...

Creating an Inclusive Ecosystem: Christy Maxfield of CET

Nationwide, the need for increased diversity and inclusion in the startup space has (rightfully) gained more attention. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the federal...

Blog Out Loud: 8 Local Leaders Aim to Inspire St. Louis

With a continued international focus on the challenges within the St. Louis region, YNPN (Young Nonprofit Professionals Network) St. Louis' annual Blog Out Loud event is providing space for community members to step up and drive change within the St. Louis region.
Guy Weitzman Atomation

Meet Me in St. Louis: Maintaining Team Cohesion Between the Midwest and the Middle...

Globalism has changed so much, including how we conduct business every day.
4 Hands is located in St. Louis' Lasalle Park neighborhood. With a focus on providing a well-rounded portfolio, they offer four year-round beers along with a slew of seasonal beers. Photo by Wesley Law.

What To Do In St. Louis This Weekend (January 12th)

Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's are over, which means it's no longer okay to gorge yourself on wine, cheese, meat, and more cheese. But...

Co-Working Becomes Mainstay as Freelancing is on the Rise

The first time I walked into a co-working space, it was an otherworldly experience. Listening to the tour guide show me each and every...

Don’t Drown in “Should”

Transform "Shouldha/Wouldha/Couldha," into "I can. I will. I did."
The Bourbon Friday Show

The Bourbon Friday Show Featuring Lisa Hu: Founder and Designer of Lux & Nyx

On this episode of the Bourbon Friday Show we had the opportunity to talk with Lisa Hu, Founder and Designer of Lux & Nyx,...

Brian Lunt and Brett Kline on Collaborative Coworking for Media Makers

“I think we have, at a city level, gone after large organizations to come in and revive St Louis. You look at the Amazon...

Creating an Inclusive Ecosystem: Yomi Toba of PushUp Social

Nationwide, the need for increased diversity and inclusion in the startup space has (rightfully) gained more attention. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the federal...

Purchase with Purpose: Meet OneOddBird

Lori Samuels is the founder of OneOddBird, a unique women’s accessories brand that recently relocated to St. Louis from San Marino, California. Samuels is...

Creating an Inclusive Ecosystem: Dr. Cheryl Watkins-Moore of BioSTL

Nationwide, the need for increased diversity and inclusion in the startup space has (rightfully) gained more attention. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the federal...

The Truth About Tax Incentives

With some adjustments to the city's tax abatement system, real estate developers can pursue successful projects that benefit all of St. Louis.

IoT in Agriculture Makes Heartland Tech Really Sexy

We tend to think of the tech revolution in sexy terms – the sleek new gadget, the impossibly cool Silicon Valley, the enigmatic tech...

Announcing STL Community Cast Partnership On EQ

Drew Davis created a hyper local podcast to highlight the awesome work happening in St. Louis.

Intelligent Messaging Is Getting Smarter, Everyday

Chatbots can be a smart way to interact and engage with your customers especially through messaging apps, but you’ll have to train them. Since...

7 Regional Imperatives to Strengthen the Impact of our Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

WEPOWER is launching a new accelerator for Black and Latinx founders of early-stage companies. WEPOWER's Founder and CEO, Charli Cooksey, explains what we as a business community can do to drive systemic change in St. Louis.