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Creating an Inclusive Ecosystem: Yomi Toba of PushUp Social

Nationwide, the need for increased diversity and inclusion in the startup space has (rightfully) gained more attention. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the federal government’s anti-discrimination watch dog, recently held a...

Founder Series: Kevin Taylor of Hey Let’s Train

Kevin Taylor is co-founder and chief technology officer of Hey Let’s Train, where they’re building a platform to connect people to professional athletes they admire, so they can train exactly as they...
Tanya Hamilton

Founder Series: Tanya Hamilton of Independent Youth

Each week, EQ will feature local founders: The work they do, the goals they set and where they draw their inspiration.
Pushup Social

Pushup Social Moves To CIC St. Louis As Lab 1500 Closes

Lab1500 co-founders Dan Lohman and Jan Andersen are shifting concentration to their growing tech startup, Pushup Social, and in that shift, have made the decision to move Pushup's operations to Cambridge...

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