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On Innovation City: WellBeing Brewing Discusses The Definition of Beer (and Raising Capital)

“Raising money is hard, but you stumble through it…you work your way through every phase of the [startup] process.” — Jeff Stevens

First Ever Non-Alcoholic Beer with Electrolytes Hits Stores Today

WellBeing Brewing Company is reinventing the non-alcoholic category with the release of WellBeing Victory Wheat, the first-ever non-alcoholic craft beer with all-natural electrolytes to keep consumers hydrated and vitalized. Worthy of...

St. Louis Startup Milestones Reached in 2018

As the St. Louis region’s startup ecosystem matures, the measurable successes of the companies are getting bigger and more exciting. 2018 milestones for startups include the formation partnerships with national companies...

Regulation Crowdfunding Platform, Nvsted, Proves Effective at Crowdsourcing Investors for St. Louis Startups

In the world of crowdsourcing there is a continuum, Ched Wagner, Manager of Nvsted explains.On one side are the GoFundMe types, giving-based platforms that allow for public or private fundraising for...
The Bourbon Friday Show

The Bourbon Friday Show with Jeff Stevens from WellBeing Brewing Company

On this episode of the Bourbon Friday Show we had the opportunity to talk with Jeff Stevens from WellBeing Brewing Company about how they are revolutionizing the Non-Alcoholic (NA) beer market.Jeff...

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