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The PixelPop Festival Is Both A Throwback And A Look Forward in Independent Gaming

Over the final weekend of July, the PixelPop Festival filled the banquet space of St. Louis University’s Busch Student Center with the best and brightest of the region’s independent gaming community....

OPO Tech Talks 2017: Virtual and Augmented Reality

Enjoy free beer and pizza on us while you learn about the latest developments in virtual and augmented reality and see how existing tech companies are implementing these new technologies!

What to Expect at Tonight’s NXT@4240 Event at Venture Café

By Savannah DavisIt's a busy one at Venture Cafe this week. EQ's co-founder and managing partner Kelly Hamilton will be moderating a chat with Dr. Glen Stetten of Express Scripts and Stephanie...

Global VR/AR Association Launches in St. Louis

"I have this phrase that I've started using which is, 'VR is not just a thing, AR is not just a thing, VR and AR will be everything," says Nathan Pettyjohn,...

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