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Strayos is a computer vision 3D aerial intelligence platform for Mining and Quarry operations to reduce costs, improve productivity and safety by providing highly accurate survey data analytics.

Strayos proprietary software increases mining company ROIs by automating tasks, directly reducing overhead and enabling enterprises to make actionable decisions from drone data.

Learn more about Strayos at www.strayos.com.

On Silicon Prairie News: Strayos AI Transforms Jobsite Insights

Ravi Sahu, Founder and CEO of Strayos, was not initially intending to start a company.

Prepare.ai Conference Is Tomorrow: Four Values That Drive David Karandish’s Latest Ventures

Prepare.ai, the artificial intelligence conference hosted in St. Louis returns tomorrow for the second year running. The conference is the brainchild of David Karandish, most well-known for founding Answers.com, and represents...

Create Your List Of Internal Values, Add Your Customer’s Values, Then Go Live Like...

Perhaps the biggest result of the startup boom has been a widespread paradigm shift in the way businesses approach culture. Entrepreneurs around the world have been quick to adopt the trademarks...

Covo STL Plays Host to Drone Selfies at Oui Gallery Opening

Oui.Gallery, a new project from the brains behind St Louis' Art Hack Day, have announced their first exhibition which will held at Covo STL this friday (March 2nd).The exhibition entitled Order...

18 Startups Win $50,000 Each To Locate Their Business In St Louis

Arch Grants has awarded $900,000 in grant funds to 18 new startups and early-stage businesses. The winners were announced at the 5th annual Arch Grants Gala on Friday night.Each of...

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