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Recapping the Web: “Detroit, St. Louis, and other Rust Belt Cities Look To Immigrants...

Often, when a city is looking to revitalize its economic health, much of the effort and taxpayer money will go into recruiting businesses. But what about efforts put in to recruiting...

NRGene Is Racing Against Time to Solve Hunger

After moving to St. Louis several months ago, the St. Louis Mosaic Project helped founders settle in St. Louis and build connections."We need to feed 9 billion people by 2050 using...
Cuong Dang

Enliven Marries Tech and UX With Gorgeous Client Solutions

Founded in 2012, Washington Avenue-based Enliven is a project-based tech startup that tackles client challenges with creative software marrying a polished UX with creative, behind-the-scenes tech solutions."Our business philosophy is centered around people,...
Blue Orb

BlueOrb Wants to Make Us Healthier Through Safe, Smart Crops

BlueOrb's mission is to use nanotechnology and genetics to help farmers create more abundant, safer, and healthier crops. Here's why its Indian-born founder Umesh Vekaria is creating his company's global headquarters in STL.

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