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Pluton Biosciences Successfully Raises $98,000 via Nvsted Regulation Crowdfunding Platform

"If you know about Georges Seurat, the french painter who did the 'dot' paintings, we're kind of making a pointillist painting. Each time we complete a microbe discovery it's like adding a dot to the overall picture, and each dot represents a big data play," Charlie Walch, CEO Pluton Biosciences

ThriveCo Is Going Above and Beyond the Workspace

Entering the smartly decorated space in downtown Clayton, the fresh energy that new coworking space, ThriveCo (222 S Meramec Ave., Ste 202) has brought to the area is palpable. The space...

St. Louis Investor Commits $100,000 to Expand VoiceXP Platform

This week, on May 1st, a prominent South Korean investor based in St. Louis, signed a term sheet to commit to investing $100,000 in VoiceXP, a voice-app creation platform that helps...

ThermoAI Promises Efficiency, Cost savings, and Reduced Emissions from Combustion Energy Sources

Wind, solar and other renewable energy sources are most often the focus of innovation in the energy space because, unlike coal and natural-gas fired combustion, they do not pollute the air....

Regavi’s Journey Through Entrepreneurship in St. Louis

Two graduate students at Washington University are turning business networking into an app-based network as entrepreneurs.

Forgotten Your Business Cards? Regavi Streamlines Making In-Person Connections

You are at a networking event. You don’t have business cards...haven’t had them for a few jobs now. Or you ran out. Or you forgot them. You meet someone who’d like...

African Entrepreneur Grabbed Every Opportunity STL Offered to Launch Herbal Drink Brand in Less...

After marrying a woman from St. Louis and moving to her hometown, serial entrepreneur Ola Adeboye, founder and CEO of Wakava, didn't yet have a new product in mind when he...

Arch Grants’ New Executive Director on Why Startups Should Choose St. Louis

Arch Grants recently announced Emily Lohse-Busch as its new Executive Director. EQ had the opportunity to have a candid chat with her about what brought her back to St. Louis, her vision for Arch Grants and her thoughts on the growth of entrepreneurship in St. Louis.

Meet Bill Schmidt: Managing Partner at Cultivation Capital Life Sciences Fund

As Managing Partner of the Life Sciences Fund at Cultivation Capital, Bill Schmidt is currently focused on the venture capital firm's Life Sciences Fund II. He's dedicated to helping life sciences entrepreneurs take their companies to the next level–and the good news for founders is, he's done it himself. We sat down with Schmidt to hear how he got his start as a founder, and now investor, in St. Louis.
Ginger Imster

Ginger Imster on Diversity in Tech, Making St. Louis a Startup Magnet & Upcoming...

Imster has been tasked with promoting our region to startups in the US and around the world. We sat down with her to catch up on the Partnership's upcoming initiatives around innovation and entrepreneurship.
Chris Danforth

Meet Chris Danforth: General Partner Cultivation Capital Life Sciences Fund

Chris Danforth has his hand in a wide variety Life Sciences investment and non-profit activity throughout the region. Meet the general partner in St. Louis-based venture firm Cultivation Capital's Life Sciences Fund and Managing Director of The Yield Lab.
Barry Sandweiss Cultivation Capital

Meet Barry Sandweiss: General Partner at Cultivation Capital

If you're looking to build a business, you want Barry Sandweiss on your side. We caught up with this successful entrepreneur and partner at Cultivation Capital.

Meet Tim Stern: General Partner of Cultivation Capital

Timothy Stern, a General Partner at Cultivation Capital, knows what it takes to build a company. He also believes that innovation and a focus on technology is what will keep St. Louis thriving....
Travis Sheridan Venture Cafe

Interview: Travis Sheridan on Venture Café’s Global Expansion, Innovation’s Role in Social Justice Movements

A fixture in St. Louis’ innovation scene, Travis Sheridan is known as a community builder. Whether it’s through his work at Venture Café, where he recently stepped into a new role...
Mary Jo Gorman

Interview: Mary Jo Gorman of PWE on Leading Change in STL Entrepreneurship

In September, the Prosper Women Entrepreneur (PWE) Startup Accelerator received an Innovation Award at the 2016 Mayor’s Business Celebration Luncheon in St. Louis. Honorees were recognized for their commitment to advancing the...
Sheila Sweeney

Interview: Sheila Sweeney on St. Louis’ Emerging AgTech Corridor

The CEO of St. Louis Economic Development Partnership on why St. Louis is the right place to build an Ag hub and other updates impacting the tech community.
Brian Dixon Capital Innovators

Transitioning Growth: Brian Dixon On How Capital Innovators Stays Poised for What’s Next

Last month, Capital Innovators named its 2016 fall cohort and the program began. But that's not the only news coming out of the accelerator. This summer brought a lot of internal growth to...
SixThirty Cyber

Q&A: Jay DeLong, Managing General Partner of SixThirty CYBER

On the role startups play in the cybersecurity fight.

How Boosterville is Revolutionizing School Charity Sales

If you’ve ever been hit up by an angelic-faced grade schooler peddling magazine subscriptions or an eager trumpet player asking for donations so her marching band could travel to a far...

Scott Mosby on Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Family

Mosby Building Arts, Ltd has been a known name in the home remodeling and repair business in Metro St. Louis for more than 65 years. We caught up with CEO Scott...

3mbassy Helps Early-Stage Startups Build Their Brands

Located at OPO Startups, 3mbassy is a full service agency for startups who have less than 12 months under their belts. With a desire to help young companies gain enough traction...

Q/A: Jacqueline Ko Matthews of Investment POD

SixThirty brought Jacqueline Ko Matthews and her company, Investment POD, to St. Louis, and Prosper Women’s Entrepreneurs Accelerator Program has kept her connected. Read on to see how she got her...

What to Expect from Prosper Women Entrepreneurs Startup Accelerator

Prosper Women Entrepreneurs (PWE) Startup Accelerator is always working to support woman-led businesses through investment, mentorship and networking. Startups that go through the program receive $50,000 equity, a curriculum specifically designed...

Janus Choice Finds its Footing with Prosper Women Entrepreneurs Startup Accelerator

Janus Choice, a company that offers an interactive, mobile, and easy-to-use platform for matching hospital patients with the best post-acute care providers, is growing. Rapidly.So successful has their growth spurt been,...

Veniti’s CFO Catherine Matthes on Clinical Trial Funding

The veins in your body play an integral role in circulation: carrying blood from the different parts of your body back to your heart. But as you get older, problems can develop causing...

Founder Series: Kevin Taylor of Hey Let’s Train

Kevin Taylor is co-founder and chief technology officer of Hey Let’s Train, where they’re building a platform to connect people to professional athletes they admire, so they can train exactly as they...

FinTech’s Data-Driven Evolution with Data Simply CEO Michelle Bonat

The FinTech sector is shifting more and more toward data-driven solutions. The reliance on computer systems to augment the human element is an important change, as the idea is to arm...
Tracie Gildehaus Maritz

Disrupting Data-Driven Business with Tracie Gildehaus

Data-driven business performance has strong St. Louis roots. Industry giant Maritz has been a leader in the space for decades, and today is dialing up its own performance by connecting startups...

How Romanian Startup Appticles is Finding Connections in St. Louis

Mobile devices are being used to access content by more and more people. As a result, publishers, companies, organizations and anyone with a website must make sure that their content is...

Disrupting Brand Experience with Reshma Chattaram Chamberlin

Design led by business strategy and intuitive usability are part of the equation for Reshma Chattaram Chamberlin. Reshma is CEO of B/C Designers, a firm that helps startups and established brands solve...

Founder Series: Jim Eberlin of TopOPPS

Jim Eberlin is a serial success. Not only has he founded two successful companies that raised more than $200 million combined in institutional investment, but both companies have over 200 employees...

From STL to Silicon Valley: Sam Altman

Sam Altman left his hometown of St. Louis to build businesses. Now, he helps other tech startups grow as president of Y Combinator, the most commercially successful accelerator in the country.

Spotlight: Crystal Martin on What Entrepreneur Means to Her

Crystal is the St. Louis community engagement manager for LaunchCode. A Michigan native, coding captured her attention and kept her in St. Louis.How did you get involved in the startup community?I didn’t...

Disrupting Marketing with Influencers and Nick Szabo

As COO of Swizzle Labs, Nick Szabo wants to help brands and YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat stars understand and build their audiences. Although Swizzle started in Seoul, it is now...

Founder Series: Dan Lohman of Pushup Social

Dan Lohman is Founder and CEO of Pushup Social, which makes adding an online community to a website as easy as adding as installing a plugin or pasting a line of...

Disrupting Financial and Healthcare Experiences with Kevin Dulle

Kevin Dulle helps define experiences for banks and health systems. Using an understanding of the economic value of experiences, architecture and visual storytelling tools in his role as Director, Experience Innovations...

Sam Altman: “We Want To Hire More St. Louis Startups.”

Y Combinator, one of the most prestigious startup incubators in the world, wants to invest in more St. Louis startups. That’s according to the Silicon Valley incubator’s president, Sam Altman, who...

Founder Series: Roberto Hoyos of Throwboy

Roberto Hoyos is Founder and CEO of Throwboy, a maker of throw pillows based on Internet culture. Roberto made the first pillows as a Christmas gift for a girlfriend, but Throwboy is...

WIT Looks to Get STL Teens Interested in Entrepreneurship

Sarah Hernholm wants to replace the annoying St. Louis conversation starter, “Where’d you go to high school?” with, “What business did you launch?”Through her non-profit startup Whatever it Takes, or WIT, Hernholm is...

Disrupting Science Education with Christian Greer

As Chief Education and Programs Officer at the Saint Louis Science Center, Christian Greer is helping lead the transformation of one of the country's most popular science centers. With new and...

Disrupting Infection with Nanotechnology and Tom Cohen

Tom Cohen is founder of Nanopore Diagnostics, a St. Louis life science startup that's part of a new wave of companies bringing nanotechnology tools to today's challenges. They’re creating a clinical...

Disrupting Fashion with 3D Printing and Natacha Alpert

Natacha Alpert grew up working and living internationally. With a background in footwear from her Grandparents’ shoe stores, she became a production designer in film and managed iconic shoe lines for...

Leadership By Design: Maria Giudice of Autodesk Comes to SLAM To Talk Falling Into—and...

SLAM's Ann W. Olin guest lecture will host Maria Giudice, Autodesk's VP of experience design to celebrate the role the arts play in business and society.
Tanya Hamilton

Founder Series: Tanya Hamilton of Independent Youth

At the heart of every startup ecosystem is its entrepreneurs. Each with his or her own backstory, calling and mission, our city's founders are those charting a new path for themselves, their teams and their tribes. Introducing EQ's Founder Series, conversations with entrepreneurs from various industries and walks of life.

How APSE Aims to Change AgTech

John Killmer brings more than 30 years of experience working in Agtech from serving as President of Monsanto China to now acting as CEO of St. Louis-based APSE. We tapped him...

Disrupting Aerospace Through Cubesats with Michael Swartwout

As the space industry enjoys a renaissance, entry level employees might have already designed and operated their own satellites. Michael Swartwout, co-director of Parks College of Engineering's Space Systems Research Laboratory,...

Disrupting Revenue Operations with Tara Kinney

Tara Kinney is bringing a discipline of evidence-based marketing and sales growth to emerging companies. With a background in driving growth for established companies as well as consulting for dozens of...

Disrupting the Gig Economy with Stephanie Leffler

Companies like Uber, Airbnb and Instacart are participants in the gig economy—connecting people with spare time or unused stuff with those who need them. Stephanie Leffler's OneSpace, headquartered in the St....

Disrupting Company Culture with Jennifer Oertli

Change comes fast and furiously and organizations struggle to adapt and thrive, often without a change-ready culture to do so. Jennifer Oertli came from the realities of HR and finding, managing...

Disrupting Planetary Exploration with John Richter

Before explorers can go somewhere new, they have to plan how they'll get there and understand what will happen when they arrive. With Transmissions from Colony One, John Richter is using podcasts...

Disrupting Research Policy with Kendra Perry

Kendra Perry has a background in politics which comes in handy when she helps people like nanoscientists (scientist that studies really small materials) collaborate outside their lab. She’s currently the Director of Government...

CET’s Christy Maxfield Discusses Her New Role

As the Director of Entrepreneur Development Services at CET, Christy Maxfield is at the helm of one of the busiest and varied pieces of the STL startup ecosystem puzzle. Though she's...

Disrupting Global Business with Gary Kellmann

Gary Kellmann launched his first invention just after college and has sold millions of both his own inventions and those of others he's partnered with. With a solid understanding of the...

Disrupting Love with Sandra Langeslag

Love isn't just a warm feeling to Sandra Langeslag. It's a neurological process that can be scientifically measured and impacts far more of our lives than we realize.

What’s Next For St. Louis With Dan Lohman

As the St. Louis startup community continues to grow, the voices and concerns of its founders, grass roots organizers and support organizations need to be heard, perhaps now more than ever....

What’s Next For St. Louis With Zimin Hang

As the St. Louis startup community continues to grow, the voices and concerns of its founders, grass roots organizers and support organizations need to be heard, perhaps now more than ever....

Q/A: Atul Kamra, Managing Partner of SixThirty

On FinTech's role in helping people and businesses improve their day- to-day lives and bottom lines.
Chisom Uche Marketing Specialist TopOpps

Spotlight: Chisom Uche on His Path to Entrepreneurship

A dedicated STL transplant, Chisom Uche talks education, entrepreneurship and how he got hooked on St. Louis.

Disrupting Business Complexity with Pravina Pindoria

Pravina Pindoria is bringing simplicity and collaboration to business with Tallyfy. She shared with us why she and Amit Kothari, her co-founder in and husband, would move a company from London...

Disrupting Shakespeare with Anupam Basu

You might think big data is all about tech, business and the NSA, but Anupam Basu is using these tools to better understand the foundations of our culture. As the Weil Fellow in Digital Humanities at Washington University, he uses 21st century tools to understand Shakespeare and his peers in his work, helping make digital sense of the first 200 years of English printing.

St. Louis Startup Garbshare Gives Fashionistas the Cloud Closet

Garbshare, touted as a "cloud closet," will make Cher's digital closet a reality not just for the privileged few, but for everyone, a value demonstrated through the St. Louis-based company's unlikely origin story.

Disrupting Corporate Finance with Fluent’s Dave Sutter

Plenty of people have heard of Bitcoin and other "cryptocurrencies", but people like David Sutter, co-founder of Fluent, are using the underlying technology to help large and small organizations and their banks dramatically transform the speed of business while reducing the costs of each transaction.

Disrupting Planetary Exploration with Valerie Fox

With water discoveries and blockbuster movies, Mars is the planet everyone's talking about these days. Valerie Fox works in Washington University's Earth and Planetary Remote Sensing Laboratory, where she helps understand Mars and explore it.

Get to Know T-REX Community Director Kathleen Bauer

Walk the halls of Downtown T-REX and you might find yourself gazing at some slightly unusual wall decor. Maybe you spot an 18th century landscape but wait, what’s that: A big,...

Founder Series: Julia Li of Create Space On Why A Startup City Needs Artists

At the heart of every startup ecosystem is its entrepreneurs. Each with his or her own backstory, calling and mission, our city's founders are those charting a new path for themselves, their teams and their tribes. Introducing EQ's Founder Series, conversations with entrepreneurs from various industries and walks of life.

Disrupting Beer with Stan Hieronymus

A writer recently characterized as doing "more to advance our understanding of beer than anyone in the past decade" calls St. Louis his home. No matter where he travels for festivals,...

Founder Series: What Drives Serial Entrepreneur Bob Lozano?

At the heart of every startup ecosystem is its entrepreneurs. Each with his or her own backstory, calling and mission, our city's founders are those charting a new path for themselves, their teams and their tribes. Introducing EQ's Founder Series, conversations with entrepreneurs from various industries and walks of life.

Disrupting Genomics with Jarret Glasscock

After leaving the world-renowned Genome Center at Washington University in St. Louis, Jarret Glasscock co-founded Cofactor Genomics, which has been at the forefront of sequencing and analysis of DNA for researchers worldwide.

Disrupting Energy Bars: Hůga Bar’s Luis Rivero

Originally from Venezuela, Luis Rivero spent years in the corporate world at DuPont Nutrition & Health (formerly Solae) before deciding to take his understanding of protein, nutrition and energy bar markets and...

Disrupting games through crowdfunding with Jamey Stegmaier

Stonemaier Games founder Jamey Stegmaier has raised more than $1.4 million from more than 19,000 backers in seven successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaigns and now he also helps others succeed.

What’s Next for Sparo Labs

We speak with Sparo Labs Co-founders Abigail Cohen and Andrew Brimer about their innovative asthma-monitoring device Wing and what's next for this STL Startup.

Disrupting beer, tech and pizza with Jonathan Leek

Whether he's working his tech job, starting a pizza business using spent brewing grains or doing hacker events, Jonathan makes stuff happen and helps others find their potential. If you've participated in a hackathon, open data event or game jam in St. Louis, Jonathan probably helped make it happen.
Carl Reed Forge Comics

Disrupting Comics with Carl Reed

As Chief Creative Officer of Lion Forge, Carl Reed is bringing creativity, technology and insight about how people want their comics to the business.
Snipe Jackie Tucker

Snipe is Here to Save You From FOMO

Snipe's geo-based visual content app connects locals with their own neighborhood.
Jim McKelvey Square St. Louis

Why St. Louis Is The Best Location For Square’s Newest Office

Square announced it would open its fourth U.S. office in St. Louis. We sat down with co-founder Jim McKelvey to find out why–and to get his take on the impact it will have on STL.

Interview: Chris Motley’s Favorite St. Louis Spots & What’s Next For Better Weekdays

EQ caught up with Chris Motley, co-founder of Better Weekdays, to chat about his impressions of St. Louis since moving here, how he spends his time out of the office, and what's next for his startup.

The Inclusion Initiative: Identifying Road Blocks and Working to Overcoming them

A year after the Inclusion Initiative launched, we check in with program director Cheryl Watkins-Moore about roadblocks, innovation and what's coming up next.

Disrupting Medicine with Dr. Henry Randall

Dr. Henry Randall is the Division chief, adult and pediatric transplantation at SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital and is bringing the Society of Physician Entrepreneurs (SoPE) to St. Louis. Whether...

Changing the Way Mid-America Moves: Ward Alternative Energy

We talk with Paul Nelson, President of Ward Alternative Energy about expanding their low-cost, clean natural energy to transportation fleets across the country.
Rosa Mayer St Louis LaunchCode

Disrupting The Tech Talent Gap With Rosa Mayer

If you're in the startup community, you know Rosa Mayer. Here are a few things you may not know.

Disrupting Tech Events With Alex Miller

When the tech industry doesn't serve the learning and development needs of its people, Alex Miller is not afraid to shake up how it's done.
Aaron Addison

Disrupting Exploration: Aaron Addison On Caves, CAVEs And Wall-Climbing Catfish

Whether you want to understand a lava tube in the Galapagos Islands, a feature on the moon's surface, or an urban neighborhood, you might want to get to know Aaron Addison.
Tara Pham, CEO and Martin McGreal, CTO of CTY

How CTY’s Flagship Product Numina Can Change The Way Cities Interact

After winning a $35,000 grant from the Knight Foundation in April, EQ talks to CTY founders Tara Pham and Martin McGreal about their Numina pilot project in St. Louis.
Promise Pay SixThirty

PromisePay Aims To Join STL On Rise To Becoming Fintech Hub

PromisePay, an electronic payment solutions firm out of Melbourne, recently became part of the St. Louis startup scene.

How Venture Philanthropy is Taking Shape In St. Louis

Venture philanthropy might not be a household term, but it's taking place in our own backyard.

Where Health and Technology Come Together: Meet Smart Monitor

In the rising age of wearables, have you ever wondered just what these devices can significantly do for our health?

Team Spotlight: LockerDome’s Ryan Allen Went From Intern To Working With Some of The...

Q/A with Ryan Allen, Director of Publisher Development and Activation at LockerDome

Capital Innovators’ Brian Dixon: The Best Is Yet To Come For Tech In STL

"In the coming years, tech positions will become the most sought-after positions in the city"

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