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The “I’m No Different” Paradox

Fundamental gaps in experience prevent investment in diverse startups.

3 Ways (and 1 Huge Context) to Break the Investing Spiral that Works Against...

It was a sunny Saturday morning and five alumni of a program renowned nationwide for its progress in closing the technological gap were evaluating the scope of the organization’s future. We...

Co-Working Becomes Mainstay as Freelancing is on the Rise

The first time I walked into a co-working space, it was an otherworldly experience. Listening to the tour guide show me each and every spot that was available perplexed me.I...
Sarah Schlafly and Christian Johnson, co-founders of Multipass, a coworking marketplace for day-passes to cool workplaces across the country.

For The Love Of Coworking, New Founders Want to Share Values Across the Midwest

Two strangers met in a coworking space. Hung out. Played ping pong. Founded a company and launched a product in two months.

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