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MetKnow is a patented flash card and quizzing application that helps members in all types of organizations review and quiz themselves on their fellow members to learn their names and group relevant information.

Learn more about MetKnow at metknowapp.com.

Calling all Digital Marketing and Media Startups! MDMC Hosting Pitch Competition

The Midwest Digital Marketing Conference (MDMC19) and EC@UMSL are inviting local digital media or marketing startups to apply for the 2019 Midwest Digital Marketing Conference Digital Media Startup Pitch Competition.Startups...

Arch Grants Global Startup Competition Entrants: Get Ready for Transformative Feedback

Successful startups know the value of “failing faster” – that is, recognizing errors or opportunities for improvement early and course-correcting until they achieve their goals. But it isn’t always easy to...

18 Startups Win $50,000 Each To Locate Their Business In St Louis

Arch Grants has awarded $900,000 in grant funds to 18 new startups and early-stage businesses. The winners were announced at the 5th annual Arch Grants Gala on Friday night.Each of...

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