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The Mars Evangelist: Dr. Sheyna Gifford’s Year on the Red Planet

Sheyna Gifford, MA, MSc, MD, sums up the job of the HI-SEAS crews succinctly, “Go to Mars, grow food, do science, don't kill each other." Needless to say, that was quite...

Disrupting Planetary Exploration with John Richter

Before explorers can go somewhere new, they have to plan how they'll get there and understand what will happen when they arrive. With Transmissions from Colony One, John Richter is using podcasts...

Disrupting Planetary Exploration with Valerie Fox

With water discoveries and blockbuster movies, Mars is the planet everyone's talking about these days. Valerie Fox works in Washington University's Earth and Planetary Remote Sensing Laboratory, where she helps understand Mars and explore it.

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