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11 SLU Alumni Who Are Impacting St. Louis’ Tech Scene

The entrepreneurial rise in St. Louis couldn’t happen without the foundation and support set by successful mentors and entrepreneurs who came before. Here are

Creating an Inclusive Ecosystem: Jennifer Ehlen of Prosper Institute and PWE Startup Accelerator

Nationwide, the need for increased diversity and inclusion in the startup space has (rightfully) gained more attention. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the federal government’s anti-discrimination watch dog, recently held a...

How Prosper Mastermind is Growing STL’s Female Entrepreneur Community

Audra Harrold was an entrepreneur who was struggling as she navigated the startup space. Founder and CEO of SassyBull, an equestrian line of sport clothing dedicated to athletes ages 5-25, she...

How St. Louis Can Bridge the Entrepreneurial Gender Gap

When Mary Jo Gorman and Jennifer Ehlen called up Peter Finley to gauge his interest in working with Prosper Women Entrepreneurs’ Prosper Startup Accelerator, he admits he was a little surprised."It...
Nannette Musgrave, (CEO, EDIS Solutions LLC), Amy Holcomb (SkyMedicus), Suzanne Magee (Bandura), Alexandra “Sasha” Goodwin (Janus Choice) and Mary Wolff (Taptl).

Meet Prosper Capital’s Fall 2015 Class of Women Entrepreneurs

Each day, more than 1,200 companies are created by women in the United States, a number that's seen a significant increase over the past two years. Prosper Women Entrepreneurs plans to keep that...

St. Louis Startup News: Prosper Partners With Golden Seeds, RoverTown Roving, T-REX Nixes Little...

A compendium of St. Louis Startup news, celebrating America's most innovative entrepreneurs.

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