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Want to Supercharge Your Startup? Apply for Arch Grants’ 2018 Startup Competition

The Arch Grants team is thrilled to announce the 2018 Arch Grants Global Startup Competition. The competition opens on February 1st to startups around the world.Each winning company will receive a...
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Jump Start Your 2017: 5 Reasons Your Business Should Apply for an Arch Grant

It’s no secret that to get a business started, one needs cash and a superior support system. If you haven't already applied for an Arch Grants, here are five reasons you should.

Making Bold Moves

Arch Grants tackles one of the St. Louis region’s biggest problems: talent attraction and retention.

This Serial Entrepreneur Still Finds New Ways to Scale Up

Jim Spicuzza knows more than your average entrepreneur about the path to a creating a buyout. Back in the days of dlal-up before internet startups were even a trend, Spicuzza sold...

Arch Grants Announces 2014 Winners

Arch Grants has announced the 20 grant winners for 2014, each of whom will receive $50,000 non-dilutive grants, office space in T-REX, free services and access to mentors.

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