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Israeli AgTech Startup Kaiima is Blooming in St. Louis

"Kaiima" is a Hebrew word that means "sustainable" or "long-lasting." For Kaiima-the-company, the name reflects its commitment to developing agricultural solutions for growers to improve their crop productivity in a sustainable way. Meet the Israel-based company that has been growing its US operations rapidly out of the Helix Center in St. Louis County.

Founder Series: Joseph Monahan of Confluence

When Pfizer left St. Louis in 2010, A small team of ex-Pfizer scientists with strong ideas for a new strategic approach to drug discovery research partnered with the St Louis BioGenerator leadership to...

How Arch Grant’s Recipient Hemadvance Attracted its Startup Dream Team

As the leading cause of mortality in the world—responsible for more than 30 percent of global deaths according to the World Health Organization—the magnitude of of cardiovascular disease can be overwhelming.But...

Growing The Biosciences in the St. Louis Region

The St. Louis region is currently home to more than 700 bioscience companies employing about 16,500 scientists and staff and the world’s largest concentration of plant science Ph.D.s. This growth has...

BioBash 2015

An opportunity to interact with scientists and researchers in the St. Louis area at a networking mixer hosted by the Danforth Center's Committee for Scientific Training & Mentoring. There will be...

How St. Louis Startup Pulse Therapeutics Attracted Success

According to Pulse Therapeutics CEO Sean Morris, a company needs two things to succeed in the startup environment.

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