Recapping the Web: “Let the Entrepreneurial Mindset of America’s Founding Inspire Us Again”

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Who doesn’t love a good mnemonic device? Writer Chris Newton decides to use one of our nation’s most famous innovators to inspire his his article “Let the Entrepreneurial Mindset of America’s Founding Inspire Us Again”.

Newton’s article answers his question, “How can we do more to live up [to] the opportunity we’ve been given by those who came before us?” Using the letters in Franklin’s name, Newton gives us the tools:

Building community through civic engagement.

Experimenting, being curious enough to build and innovate.

Notice when others in your community are doing a great job.

Junto. Apparently, Junto is the name of the club Franklin developed when he was just 21. A group of 11 diverse members would gather to discuss — and probably debate — many topics related to philosophy and community happenings. Junto was about connecting with people of different backgrounds and trades to gain new insights and understandings as a means of “mutual-improvement.” Here in St. Louis one could find this sort of thing Thursdays at Venture Cafe, but anyone could form a their own version and meet at a local cafe or pub.

Awareness comes next in Newton’s list and this could certainly be awareness about many things to gain inspiration. Newton focuses this awareness on the self — to understand and be aware of one’s own limitations and to take criticism to focus on improving that area.

Major “in lifelong learning.” Yes, Franklin never received formal education, but that didn’t mean he stopped learning — nor should we — if we want to make sure we stay inspired to live our best life.

Innovation. Actually, in Newton’s article, the “I” is for “It’s okay to innovate,” but it could also be for imagination because these two words really go hand-in-hand. Creativity and imagination are the backbones of the innovative entrepreneurial spirit.

Never stop. Benjamin Franklin stayed engaged in his community and was an active thinker and learner throughout his entire life. Newton encourages us to do the same — to take risks, to keep involved, keep inviting in new people to form new ideas, to stay focused on the growth America needs.

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