Why STL Innovators Should Attend “Downtown Online” on June 15

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A vibrant Downtown is crucial for growth in any metropolitan region. Luckily, St. Louis’ Downtown has seen a tremendous amount of growth over the last few years, ushering in a constant stream of new tech job openings, events to attend and residential and office space options. Much of this growth is thanks to Downtown STL, Inc., the nonprofit dedicated to creating and promoting a vibrant Downtown that attracts investment and economic activity to the region.

To celebrate this growth and to share updates with the public, Downtown STL, Inc. will host its annual event, “Downtown Online,” on June 15 in the Grand Ballroom of the St. Louis Union Station Hotel. The event has lots to offer St. Louis’ entrepreneurs and young professionals, including a keynote by Alex Haimann of Downtown-based startup Less Annoying CRM, who will also host the after party at its offices.

Downtown St. Louis
Photo courtesy of Downtown STL, Inc.

“We look forward to sharing information about the state of Downtown and initiatives underway to keep the momentum going,” says Missy Kelley, CEO of Downtown STL, Inc. “We are especially excited to have Alex Haimann share his experience on attracting and retaining millennial talent, and his perspective on how the St. Louis startup ecosystem must proceed to maintain momentum over time.”

“Downtown Online” will be both a celebration of the people making great things happen Downtown and a meeting to engage participants in a discussion on how to continue Downtown’s momentum. Here’s why you should be there.

You’ll broaden your network.The event is set to bring together people from every facet of St. Louis, from elected officials and civic leaders to corporate execs and startup entrepreneurs. As high-falutin’ as that may sound, there is actually a ticket level specifically for the “Young Influencer”—broadly defined as the millennial demographic. The mix-and-mingle cocktail reception is designed for attendees to engage with other Downtown enthusiasts, offering great networking opportunities.

Young Influencers are invited to an after-meeting dinner. And who doesn’t love an after party? Following the cocktail reception at Union Station, any “Young Influencers” in attendance can hop on the provided shuttle to the Downtown headquarters of Less Annoying CRM, winner of St. Louis Business Journal’s 2017 “Best Place to Work for Young Professionals.” The company will host a standing dinner at their office for casual networking and, of course, fun.

Less Annoying CRM
Team Less Annoying CRM is inviting you back to their place for dinner. Who could say no to these faces?

You’ll learn what exactly is happening Downtown and what you can do to help keep it thriving. Downtown STL, Inc.’s President and CEO Missy Kelley will present attendees with the first look of Downtown STL, Inc.’s Annual Report showcasing the growth over the last year. This includes data around Downtown’s current momentum, updates on projects underway and the announcement of a new initiative to share the real stories of Downtown St. Louis.

Alex Haimann
Alex Haimann of Less Annoying CRM will give the keynote.

Alex Haimann’s keynote presentation promises to be “unconventional and provocative.” Haimann, a partner and head of business development at Less Annoying CRM, says he is ready to change minds about how to help the vitality of Downtown. His “strategic and tactical” keynote address is focused on providing everyone–regardless of background—one way to examine their role in the continued development of Downtown St. Louis. “It’s meant to stir the pot positively and productively to raise up the Downtown core and help build the metropolitan area as a whole,” says Haimann. “I want people to turn to each other after and ask, ‘So what do you think you could do?’”

You’ll get to meet the entrepreneur behind the makeover of St. Louis’ historic Union Station. Every year, Downtown STL, Inc. honors a stakeholder in the community who represents leadership, extraordinary vision and personal commitment in advancing the revitalization of Downtown St. Louis. The 2017 John H. Poelker Levee Stone Award goes to Bob O’Loughlin, the mastermind behind the revitalization of Union Station. Jim Zemlyak, Co-President and CFO of Stifel, will present O’Loughlin with the award. Lyda Krewson, St. Louis’ new mayor, will be in attendance to kick off the event and speak on the importance of a thriving Downtown.

Union Station St Louis
The historic Union Station renovated by Bob O’Loughlin, who will receive an award at the event.

This quote:“If you love Downtown St. Louis you should be at this event­­. If you’re curious about Downtown, you should be at this event. If you’re a cheerleader of Downtown, you should be there. If you’re skeptical of Downtown’s role in regional growth, you should attend. If Downtown St. Louis is on your mind at all, this event is the one thing to gravitate towards because everyone has to care about each other for the whole region to rise and prosper,” says Haimann.

We know we’ll be there. Tickets are $70 for Young Influencers, $80 for Downtown STL, Inc. members and $100 for non-members. Register for the event online.

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