Recapping the Web: “New Kranzberg Arts Foundation Program To Help St. Louis Artists Become Homeowners”

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Many artists all over the world are in a constant struggle to make a living and pay the rent. St. Louis artists are no different. But in Nancy Fowler of St. Louis Public Radio’s article “New Kranzberg Arts Foundation Program To Help St. Louis Artists Become Homeowners,” “she illustrates how Kranzberg Arts Foundation is looking to change that.

Fowler describes how the foundation is buying 25 properties in the Gravois Park area to develop into homes and studios for local artists that they can afford. The city’s Land Reutilization Authority is allowing them to buy 12 existing buildings and 13 vacant lots that have been abandoned for decades. Despite most buildings in the area being eligible for federal and state tax credits, the foundation isn’t planning on using them, a decision that will give them more freedom when planning and renovating.

Kranzberg Arts Foundation executive director said in a statement that he is optimistic about the project, and St. Louis poet and art supporter MK Stallings said the Kranzberg project addresses a critical need, and he hopes the idea will catch on. “I hope their leadership in this sector will inspire others to do more and respect the craft of artists,” he said.

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