EQ Labs

EQ Labs is our new in-person event that we will be producing in 2019. We will be taking our favorite features of other business meeting and event formats (such as conferences, gatherings, workshops, summits, symposia, and seminars), to offer inspiring and interactive opportunities for EQ readers to meet and learn from each other.

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The EQ Leadership Labs

Hosted in partnership with MDMC, the fastest growing digital marketing conference in the Midwest, we are thrilled to announce our inaugural event for 2019: EQ Leadership Labs.

Attendance to EQ Leadership Labs is free to MDMC Ticket Holders.

Agenda is still to be finalized but EQ Leadership Labs will be a multi-track event supported by keynote presentations.

Join EQ on Monday April 15th 2019, at Union Station, for a jam-packed insight driven day focussed on building the next generation of business leaders in St. Louis.

Keynote PresentationsSocial Change & CultureBusiness & InnovationPersonal Evolution & Professional Growth
Make Crazy Normal
Why Company Values MatterWhy Listening Drives SalesWhy Collaborating Beats Competing
How To Create Viral ContentHow To Write A Press ReleaseHow To Find Amazing Talent
Values Over Valuations
Embrace Discomfort: That Means You’re Doing “Leadership” RightUnderstanding What “Thought Leadership” Means Is The Secret To Doing It WellPowerful Heuristics to Help You (and Your Teams) Do The Next Right Thing
Creative Destruction: Why The Tower Must Fall