Heartland Hyperloop, Inc. Joins Missouri Hyperloop Coalition

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The Missouri Hyperloop Coalition, the group leading efforts to bring Hyperloop technology to Missouri, is excited to announce that Heartland Hyperloop, Inc. led by Travis H. Brown and Steven Tilley have joined the Coalition.

“Heartland Hyperloop, Inc. is a welcome addition to the Missouri Hyperloop Coalition” said Andrew Smith, Co-Chairman of the Missouri Hyperloop Coalition. “The team members of Heartland Hyperloop, Inc. have a strong record of delivering success on transformational initiatives.”

“Our coalition is dedicated to uniting a coordinated regulatory framework that delivers a brand new mode of transportation across our state’s rights of way. For this to be successful in Missouri, it will take local community support, state-directed leadership, and a regulatory framework that conforms to federal law,” said Ryan Weber, Co-Chairman of the Missouri Hyperloop Coalition.

Missouri has the potential to become a global winner with a route running from Kansas City to St. Louis, strengthening collaboration across the entire state. This proposed transportation route has the potential to completely transform Missouri’s infrastructure system and workforce.

“It’s exciting to see the feasibility results and progress of the coalition to date. Heartland Hyperloop, Inc. is dedicated to one unified plan to helping Missouri move this opportunity forward,” said Travis Brown.

Heartland Hyperloop, Inc., plans to support coalition work immediately by formalizing a project communications site, surveying community interests with infrastructure needs, and sharing further milestones about other global platforms under study or development.