GiftAMeal Wins Two Awards at Startup Connection

GiftAMeal takes away $12,500 in prizes.

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This week sixty-six St. Louis startups attended Startup Connection, a showcase of local entrepreneurship held at The Globe Building in downtown St. Louis.

A number of awards were given out at the event, and GiftAMeal were lucky enough to pick up two: for a total of $12,500 awarded in prizes.

Slalom Consulting chose GiftAMeal to receive a $10,000 consulting package, and Enterprise Holdings chose GiftAMeal to receive a $2,500 cash prize. The two prizes represented both the largest service-based and largest cash-only prize awarded at the event.

GiftAMeal’s founder Andrew Glantz said on the wins, “Though the prizes themselves are substantial, the real win is the support of the community. When we spoke about our vision, people listened, they bought in, and they wanted to join the GiftAMeal journey. I am incredibly grateful to Slalom Consulting and Enterprise Holdings for choosing us as their award recipients, and I look forward to establishing a terrific relationship with each. The consulting services Slalom offers will help us figure out how to best scale GiftAMeal, and the cash from Enterprise will help fund those efforts.”