Free “Roadmap to Entrepreneurship” Conference Invites Aspiring and Current Entrepreneurs to Learn and Network on June 12

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St. Louis’ startup ecosystem has no shortage of events to attend, but very few focus on helping new or aspiring entrepreneurs navigate the nuts and bolts of getting started. On Monday, June 12, the Missouri Venture Forum will help fill in the gaps with its second annual Roadmap to Entrepreneurship conference, which brings together some of the most experienced leaders in the St. Louis startup community for a full afternoon of learning.

The event—which is free and open to all—will feature six in-depth panel discussions with 36 local experts, an investor town hall meeting and plenty of networking opportunities. Are you an entrepreneur looking for a foothold in one of the fastest growing startup scenes in the nation (that’s St. Louis)? Register now. Already working on your startup but interested in learning more about local resources or meeting new people in the space? You’re welcome, too. There are actually two concurrent sessions running all afternoon, with some panels more geared to entrepreneurs further along. Read the full lineup of speakers on the event registration page.

In fact, MVF, a non-profit membership organization that supports entrepreneurs, encourages everyone to attend regardless of where they are with their idea. Here are a few people who would benefit most from attending:

The beginning entrepreneur.

Perhaps one of the best things about the Roadmap to Entrepreneurship conference is that it’s completely free and open to all—and it’s especially geared toward those who are just starting out and looking for guidance. The heart of the event is the lineup of six panel discussions with topics such as “From the Lightbulb Idea to a Viable Company” and “Legal Matters: Advisors, Company Structure and Boards.” The conversational format allows attendees to fill any knowledge gaps in an engaging way and learn from dozens of local startup experts—three dozen to be exact.

The aspiring entrepreneur looking for a career change.

Aspiring entrepreneurs who have been moonlighting their startup or have left the workforce to pursue their big idea need to learn the nuts and bolts, from navigating legal matters to creating a business plan. Whether you’ve worked in a larger corporation and are ready to utilize your expertise in a new way or are have followed a spouse to St. Louis and are looking to plug into the job opportunities available in the startup space, this event is geared toward helping you identify your next step.

The entrepreneur who loves–and wants to build their business in–St. Louis.

If you have ever imagined starting a company in St. Louis and wish you better understood what startup resources are available to you, this event is for you. One panel in particular, “Putting Local Resources Together,” will dive deep into why St. Louis is a great place to start a company. Panelists Travis Sheridan of Venture Café, Brian Dixon of Capital Innovators, Ginger Imster of STL Partnership, Patty Hagen of T-REX and Phyllis Ellison of Cortex will shine a light on all of the local resources available to new entrepreneurs.

Any entrepreneur in search of funding.

Getting funding for a startup can be a tricky process and it’s important to have a strategy from the start—not just to raise money in the early stages but to also set you up well for future needs. Luckily, this event’s organizers know the realities that lie ahead and have put together a panel to tackle issues of raising the money you need. Additionally, there will be an “Investors Town Hall Meeting” at the end of the afternoon, where five investors answer questions from the audience. Whether you have already started your company and are looking for funds or are just starting out, the format of the event is set up to help you get to the next level.

Get more info on the free Roadmap to Entrepreneurship event and register here.