Fly to the Aid of a Local Startup On National Superhero Day

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Today is National Superhero Day (April 28th). Which the internet seems to be divided in opinion as to what the day is about. One half believes it’s about celebrating fictional super heroes and the other half believes it’s about celebrating the heroic work of ordinary people in national services industries like the police force and teaching.

Unlike the internet, Robyn Rosenberger knows exactly what National Superhero Day is all about. It’s the day she has set as her deadline to empower 500 kids in April. Rosenberger’s non-profit, Tiny Superheroes, makes custom super hero capes to give courage and strength to young children overcoming illness or disability.

Customers can buy a superhero cape to sponsor a child in need, and Tiny Superheroes will create and customize it and donate it on your behalf.

HECT-TV have a great mini documentary on Tiny Superheroes and the amazing and impactful work being done by Robyn Rosenberger, who successfully made the transition from side hustle to founding her own company.

Tiny Superheroes

We’re sure she’ll hit her target, but being a superhero startup, that’s simply not enough. Rosenberger wants to HULK SMASH through the target!

If you felt the force, saw the bat signal or heard the ThunderCat roar while connecting with her story, then summon yourself over to Tiny Superheroes to give a real superhero their first cape.