• We are hosting our first event, which is a nerdy SuperSmash Bros. Event! We are expecting 150 to 200 people at the event.

    We are having a vendor fair as well. Vendor’s booths are generally for marketing purposes, outreach purposes, demos, and food which are available for $30. Contact Bryon Dawayne Pierson Jr. by August 6th 2018 about being a vendor. We are also selling T-Shirt Space for 100 dollars as well, please make a decision on the T-shirt space by July 31st. The reason why we need deadlines, is because anything that is spent on by vendors before the event the more prizes we can give away, gives us more money to market the event, help cover organizational costs, and we can spend more money finding a Tech founder. This event will be one for the ages, as we will have a dance party afterwards with DJ Dropja. On FACEBOOK right now the event has been shared 180 times. From Facebook insights the event has reached 9.8 thousand people as of 2:39 pm 7/26/2018. We are going into the stratosphere with this event and we are going to use the money we raise on our scholarships, helping out our community in higher education and developing tech to help communities out. The two techs that are on our road map is a Drag Performer fighting game which will help stabilize a Drag Performer’s enterprise as the queens in the game will receive a portion of the profit from the game. The second Tech in development is a foster care Networking App.

     I want to give you some information about my company. We started with the plan and we are pursuing that opportunity at no cost to help higher education campuses open resources available to the LGBTQIA community. Our mission Statement is fostering peace of Mind for the LGBTQIA community in higher education and the Workplace. We went to the workplace by producing a Game called DragThem! This game would incorporate a portion of the proceeds going to the performers in the game. We will also, use 12 Saint Louis area gay oriented venues like Just Johns, Rehab, Bubby’s and Sissy’s, and more.
    I have put in about 2500 dollars of my own money. We have had a 150 dollar sponshpi from Moon base Market in Soulard. Big Frog in Edwardsville has given us about 250 dollars in services and products.
    We are trying to raise somewhere between $25,000 to $100,000 to obtain operational costs for the first 6 months.
    As mentioned before we are a young start-up Company, but we are winning and we have a demo coming out for our game on August 24th at our event. We will have a SuperSmash brothers tournament, An Edm concert, and a Hip-Hop Concert as well.
    Also at 12AM the night of the event we will show the first public at a demo of the game DragThem!