Dustin McKissen On Our Regional Advantages For Risk-Takers

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“It’s such a strong selling point for this region that the cost of living allows people to take a risk. The average age of a founder of a million dollar company is 39 years old. That’s something they really need to think about, and something we [as a region] can’t talk about enough.”

Dustin McKissen is the VP of Entrepreneurship at the St Charles Community Economic Development Center. After moving to St Charles from out of state five years ago, he began writing as a hobby, and his career changed course.

He started freelance work for a few national publications and launched his own PR consulting business.

The connections he made with the St Charles business community led to his current position with the EDC. As he explains in our conversation, he gets to be a national PR person for the region, in addition to opening doors for small businesses in St Charles.

Dustin was recently named Editor-At-Large at EQ. His voice is an asset to the innovation community on both sides of the river.

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