Tiffany Chimal

Tiffany Chimal is the co-founder and COO of MakersValley, an online platform that connects designers & boutiques with Italian apparel manufacturers and is democratizing the manufacturing industry. Follow MakersValley on Instagram (@makersvalley) and Twitter (@askmakersvalley) for the most up to date information on what’s happening in the fashion industry.

Building a Fair Trade Clothing Brand in St. Louis: Meet Beautiful Mexicana

Fabiola Pasquel Chalini runs Beautiful Mexicana, a sustainable women's clothing brand 100% handmade by artisans in Mexico. Chalini moved to St. Louis from Mexico with dreams of bringing the art she sees in Mexican...
STL Fashion Incubator

After Making $5,000 in One Day, She Opened Her Own Boutique

Lia Glynias runs LAUNCH, a fashion boutique in The Hill neighborhood of St. Louis. Her career has taken her from her hometown of St. Louis to moving to New York City where she learned...

St. Louis Fashion Fund Reveals Plans to Reach “Critical Mass” in Downtown Garment District

St. Louis-based real estate firm Tower Real Estate Group will collaborate with the St. Louis Fashion Fund, Downtown STL, and Saint Louis Development Corporation to bring downtown St. Louis retail storefronts to a critical mass.On...

5 Fashion Designers That Will Make You Feel Like A New Person In 2018

We’ve all been thinking about our 2018 New Year’s Resolutions.Aside from starting 2018 at the newly opened Shake Shack here in St. Louis (ok - maybe it’s just me), one of your resolutions might...

Rent the Runway CEO Taps St. Louis for its Re-Emerging Garment District

Jennifer Hyman, the co-founder and CEO of Rent the Runway, will deliver the 13th Annual St. Louis Business Journal Women’s Conference keynote on January 26th. Based in New York City, Rent the Runway is...

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