Ryan O'Neil

Ryan O’Neil bootstrapped his company into a multi-million dollar startup from scratch by hacking a Wordpress theme into a web-app. He saw his wife slaving away at very complex wedding bids and manually creating 17 different files for every event that her wedding floral company did. Using $600 he won from a hackathon, he built the first version of Curate, the industry-leading application for event florists and caterers. After having miserably failed at a previous startup, he learned lessons of building lean and iterating based on users feedback. He’s now focused on building the best team in St. Louis and creating a scalable organization guided by core principles.

The First Step in Making Your Startup’s First Hire

One of the most rewarding parts of my job as a startup founder has been meeting the nearly one hundred St. Louisans that I’ve talked to while hiring for my company, Curate.When you’re hiring...

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