Ryan Devitt

Ryan Devitt is a writer, a reader and a technology soothsayer. He studied marketing and computer science at Louisiana State University, and has a particular interest in the history of humans poking around in space.

The Martian Evangelist: Dr. Sheyna Gifford’s Year on the Red Planet

TedXGatewayArch's next event is this week, on Thursday. Tickets are available now for Healthcare Head On, on May 16th.Sheyna Gifford, MA, MSc, MD, sums up the job of the HI-SEAS crews succinctly, “Go to...

#STLmade Video Games Won’t Cause the Disintegration of Society

EQ has been keeping a closer eye on video game development in St. Louis ever since attending GameJam at the St Louis Science Center, hosted by the St Louis Game Developer Co-op, which is...

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