Rebecca Brian Pan

Rebecca is an internationally recognized boss in the world of coworking. Prior to founding Covo, Rebecca was co-founder and COO of NextSpace, an early leader in coworking. She helped grow this one-unit startup into a nationwide, nine-unit industry leader ranked #1 in the country in 2014. She transferred that experience and skills to Covo, a coworking space at its core, surrounded with an open-to-the-public coffee shop, bar, and café.She is a tireless 7X serial entrepreneur, with a bicoastal graphic design firm, children's literacy non-profit, design association, and of course coworking, on her list of successful ventures. She credits her entrepreneurial spirit to the belief that if it doesn't exist and should, we should make it happen. Together. Now.Rebecca graduated magna cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania, and thanks Penn for instilling in her an early love of business, entrepreneurship and adult beverages.