Nick Niehaus

Nick Niehaus is the CEO and co-founder of Connect Marketing. Connect helps real estate agents become Local Famous. They specialize in helping agents become well known, liked and trusted in local communities through Facebook video, neighborhood flyers and other marketing strategies. Nick is also the Co-Host of The Bourbon Friday Show every Friday afternoon at 4:30 PM.

Last Week on The Bourbon Friday Show: Kathleen Bauer, Community Director at T-REX

As a major hub for the tech startup scene in St. Louis, T-REX plays a crucial role in the development of many startups.On last week’s episode of the Bourbon Friday Show, we had the...

On Last Week’s “Bourbon Friday Show” – Erik Lutenegger of Tenacity, and the “New...

Over the last two weeks, myself and a few other entrepreneurs at T-REX decided to organize a live-stream show on social media.In honor of “Bourbon Friday” -- the weekly happy hour at T-REX that...

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