Maisie Heine

Maisie is a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis majoring in English Literature and minoring in Communication Design. With a diverse set of experiences working in journalism, publishing and public relations, she approaches each assignment a little differently but always with an eye for detail. On the weekends, you can find her either on the squash court or at a local cafe.

The Ag Innovation Showcase looks to the Future of Farming and Food

The St. Louis Danforth Plant Center brings together innovators from all walks of the agricultural industry to address the farming's greatest challenges and opportunities.

Extra Help from Higher Education Could Help Unrust the Rust Belt

The region's universities play a vital role in the success of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. SLU, Wash U and UMSL may want to think about doubling down with direct investment, especially when pipeline funding is shrinking.

Bird Droppings A Deliberate Tactic For Electric Scooter Startup

Bending the rules seems to be an intentional growth hack for Bird Rides; and dumping product on the streets, the new mode for startups disrupting the city.

St. Louis Venture Capital Investment Report Spotlights Overall Success but Warns of Critical Inflection...

While the health of the ecosystem and the growth of startups are both strong, the report provides a warning based on a comparison with peer cities and nationwide trends in venture capital investment.

Bourbon Friday “Innovate Giving” Event Explores How Social Entrepreneurs Are Changing Charitable Giving Through...

A growing community of Social Entrepreneurs who all "think a little bit differently" are beginning to change the way in which traditional nonprofits are run.

St. Louis’ First Bike Shares: Triumphs and Setbacks

Bike share in St. Louis has been a long time coming. But as one of the two private bike providers prepares to abandon operations in the city, the program endures growing pains.

Watch Out, Hackers: St. Louis’ Growing Cybersecurity Community is a Force to be...

Thanks to bottom up and top down efforts, St. Louis is quickly becoming one of the country’s top centers for cybersecurity innovation and education. Can St. Louis help fill a global shortage of skilled...

Knowledge Drop Recap of 2018 Midwest Digital Marketing Conference

The 2018 Midwest Digital Marketing Conference (MDMC) was full of “gold nuggets and knowledge bombs left and right,” according to Stephanie Liu, one of the entrepreneurs in attendance: “All of the speakers...

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