Kathy Bernard

Kathy Bernard is the CEO of WiserU, LLC. She speaks, facilitates, and writes about Pain Points and solving talent shortages, in the Talent Pipeline to propel the St. Louis economy. As a corporate LinkedIn trainer and career coach connecting talent to opportunities, Kathy hears about St. Louis’ talent shortage from all sides.

Innovative Strategies to Get St. Louisans Hired and Companies Fully Staffed

For the local area to grow into a major employment hub, the St. Louis workforce will need to possess the skills of the future. That’s why organizations like Kylar.io, the Special School District of...

Spotlighting St. Louis Companies Solving Their Talent Shortages

When St. Louis Community College produced its latest State of the St. Louis Workforce report, 61% of the tech firms surveyed said that they were experiencing a skilled applicant shortage. Yet when asked what...

What if St. Louis Addressed the Tech Talent Shortage Better Than Any Other City?

In 2017, St. Louis pulled together a cohesive, region-wide plan to woo Amazon to our area for its second headquarters. Yet despite our best efforts, Amazon's didn't give St. Louis further consideration. Why?Kathy...

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