Julie Keil

In her 30 years at Arcturis, Julie has built a reputation of incredible devotion and commitment to her clients and her team. As leader of Arcturis’s workplace market sector, she leads the strategic direction, marketing efforts, and relationship management for the firm. Julie collaborates closely with Arcturis’s corporate clients to create dynamic solutions uniquely catering to their business strategies. She is brilliant at understanding client needs and assembling the best team to meet these goals.

T-REX Gets a Facelift to Accommodate Booming Startup Scene

Located in a historic building constructed in the 1890's, the design of this formerly unoccupied space is flexible and customizable, allowing tenants to expand their space in response to rapid growth. Juxtaposing the historic architectural bones of the building with bold wall graphics and modern tile patterns, the new interior design creates a connection between the makers who once worked in the building to the entrepreneurs using the space today.

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