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Jackie's two biggest passions in life are writing and travel, and she is grateful to be able to combine both into a profession that she loves. A storyteller at heart (with a Masters in Counseling and Psychology), she enjoys digging deep, getting to know people and businesses, and helping them tell their unique stories.
STL Fashion Incubator

Downtown St. Louis Garment District Continues to Grow with Search for New Placemaking Services

Significant investments in Downtown St. Louis over the last two decades have transformed former desolate areas like Washington Avenue into a thriving dining and entertainment destination. Now, In order to leverage opportunities for continued growth of the district, Downtown STL, Inc., in partnership with the Saint Louis Fashion Fund and others, is seeking proposals for placemaking services for the Historic Garment District in Downtown St. Louis.

SixThirty Co-Hosts Second Annual Distributed: Trade Conference in St. Louis, Draws Financial and Supply...

SixThirty and BTC Media will co-host the 2nd annual Distributed: Trade conference at Washington University in St. Louis on Monday, July 24. An intersection of finance and trade, Distributed: Trade is building on its conversation from last year about optimizing blockchain technology across entire industries. They are expecting over 50 speakers from around the world with a large number of local St. Louis experts in the mix.
Charlotte Blank_Maritz

Maritz Improves Business Performance with Innovative Behavioral Science

At its core, Maritz is a people-centered company. Over its more than 120-year history, Maritz has honed and developed its expertise in the science of human behavior. Now, the company is innovating even further with the appointment of its first Chief Behavioral Officer, Charlotte Blank.
Arcade Apartments

Where To Live In Downtown St. Louis

It's no secret that Downtown St. Louis is quickly becoming one of the most desirable neighborhoods in the metro area. Delivering on the live-work-play qualities that more St. Louisans are looking for, Downtown offers plenty of spots to hang your hat. Here are eight places urban dwellers will love, all within blocks of the Downtown innovation community.

5 Downtown St. Louis Developments To Get Excited About Right Now

Downtown St. Louis continues to grow and thrive as an inviting environment for both businesses and residents. Here are five of the newest developments you'll want to keep an eye on.
Downtown St. Louis

A Core Commitment: What’s Next for the Downtown St. Louis Innovation District

St. Louis has begun to make a name for itself in the world of high-tech and IT entrepreneurs. Here's the latest on the role Downtown St. Louis plays in propelling our city's innovation community forward.

SafeTrek: Downtown’s Support System

How a partnership between Downtown STL, Inc. and St. Louis-based startup SafeTrek aims to keep city residents safer.
Express Scripts Lab

Delivering Innovation, Driving Better Outcomes: Express Scripts

How Express Scripts–once a fledgling startup and now a company celebrating 30 years of business– continues to foster collaboration and drive innovation.

3mbassy Helps Early-Stage Startups Build Their Brands

Located at OPO Startups, 3mbassy is a full service agency for startups who have less than 12 months under their belts. With a desire to help young companies gain enough traction to raise investment...

How Do You Build a Business Incubator? T-REX Shows Us The Way

For the past 10 to 15 years, startup incubators and co-working spaces have been expanding around the world. Entrepreneurs, freelancers and traditional businesses alike are all searching for ways to connect, collaborate and develop...

Industrious Inspires Community and Collaboration

The benefits of officing out of Industrious are fast internet, local snacks and drinks and educational programming, but one feature that Industrious excels at is realizing the true value of community.“Having a really strong community is especially...

Industrious STL is Redefining the Co-working Experience

Drawing everyone from freelancers and entrepreneurial startups to seasoned CEOs and Fortune 500s, co-working spaces are becoming a way to reinvent the work environment. Leading the way with its nationwide concept, Industrious is expanding...

Red8 Interactive is Helping Companies Dream Up New WordPress Apps

Red8 Interactive, based in the OPO co-working space in St. Charles, is a custom website development company focused almost entirely on WordPress builds. The plugins they create are born out of necessity and grown...

Industrious Celebrates Its First Year in St. Louis: 10 Things the Co-working Space has...

This month, Industrious, the elegant blend of co-working and private office space in Downtown St. Louis, celebrates its one-year anniversary. The occasion was marked with mimosas and croissants from Comet Coffee, ice cream with a...

How A News Producer Found Her Place in the St. Louis Startup Ecosystem

In today's culture it's not uncommon for a person to have more than one career. Gone are the days of our parents and grandparents who chose a job at the beginning of their career and...

How Dustin McKissen Changed His Career Through Co-working

For most of his career Dustin McKissen worked with trade associations, lobbying legislators for the benefit of various industries. He and his wife moved to St. Charles in 2013 when he took a position...

Toi Box Couture’s CEO on the Importance of Inspiring Work Spaces

Three years ago St. Louis native Toi Hall was working two jobs just to make ends meet. Now she is CEO and designer for Toi Box Couture, a fashion label that's taken her to...

Office Envy: Industrious St. Louis

Our Office Envy series explores different co-working spaces, labs, office spaces and facilities in the St. Louis region. Seeking out the unique, the collaborative and the just plain awesome, we highlight the locations where STL's innovation class does their best work.

One Beta Tester’s Experience Finding Love Through Math

I’ve never been good at math. The one statistics class I had to take in college made my palms sweat. So when the opportunity to beta-test Nanaya, a new online dating site based on math came along,...

OPO Continues to Grow, Adds Space For 100 New Companies

The St. Charles-based co-working space OPO Startups has seen great success alongside tenant companies like 3mbassy, XLR8 and BoardPaq. So much so that it's expanding, with the goal of adding 100 additional companies with 225 new...

Niche Food Group & Bonfyre are Redefining Restaurant Company Culture

High pressure kitchens. Long hours that take a toll on your body and relationships. Battling egos. High turnover rates. The restaurant industry is cutthroat and not always conducive to success. There are many factors...

5 Marketing Tips from Hawk Time

Startup founders face a myriad of obstacles, and one of those obstacles is correct branding. Entrepreneurs Marlon Whitfield and Anthony Stewart found that one of the biggest reasons businesses fail within the first year was...

OPO and Community Council of St. Charles County Give Back For The Holidays

OPO Startups in St. Charles County is full of creative and innovative people who love to collaborate. Regular events like Try It Tuesdays and Startup Wednesdays provide opportunities for like-minded entrepreneurs to come together...

How Randy Schilling Is Making Main Street St. Charles a Startup Destination

We sat down to talk with Randy Schilling and learn more about his road to entrepreneurship and how he used his own journey to build a startup community.

How SnapShot Interactive Manages Its Two-City Team

A look at how the video production and animation shop runs its office in Downtown St. Louis' Industrious and headquarters in Nashville, TN.
4 Hands St. Louis

Online Business Made Simple

When Kevin Lemp of 4 Hands Brewing Company needed to launch an online store, keeping things simple was a top priority. Enter Simplify Commerce by MasterCard.

Candy Lab is Sweet on Virtual Marketing

"There's so much energy and enthusiasm involved in working with a startup like Candy Lab. When you know you have something good, when you're a part of something special, it drives you to keep going," says Andrew Kirkland

Crowdfunding Campaigns You Need to Know About Now

If you know someone with asthma, enjoy beach drinks and baseball or want to champion women and inspire young girls, then the local crowdfunding campaigns happening this month might be of interest to you....
OPO Demo Day

Meet the 10 Startups Presenting at OPO Demo Day

OPO, the co-working incubator for digital startups in St. Charles, MO, is hosting its first Demo Day on Friday, November 4, from 6:30-9pm. Nine members will present their concepts and products to potential investors in partnership with Washington University.

Founder Series: Julia Li of Create Space On Why A Startup City Needs Artists

At the heart of every startup ecosystem is its entrepreneurs. Each with his or her own backstory, calling and mission, our city's founders are those charting a new path for themselves, their teams and their tribes. Introducing EQ's Founder Series, conversations with entrepreneurs from various industries and walks of life.

Peer 151 to Open as Metro East’s First Co-Working Space

We speak with Peer 151's Executive Director, Chris Oswald, to find out more about the newest addition to the co-working community.

What’s Next for Sparo Labs

We speak with Sparo Labs Co-founders Abigail Cohen and Andrew Brimer about their innovative asthma-monitoring device Wing and what's next for this STL Startup.
Snipe Jackie Tucker

Snipe is Here to Save You From FOMO

Snipe's geo-based visual content app connects locals with their own neighborhood.

STL Sitter Allows You To Book A Babysitter Instantaneously: Date Night, Anyone?

Morgan Clark's startup finds an easier way to connect parents to qualified sitters in the STL area.

Introducing RISE Collaborative Workspace

Stacy Taubman and her team at RISE aim to create support for today's businesswomen and opportunities for the next generation.

Matt Menietti Of GlobalHack Discusses Civic Hackathon Project And Tech’s Positive Impact

GlobalHack, a quarterly hackathon competition created in late 2013 by Gabe Lozano, Drew Winshop, Brian Matthews and Travis Sheridan to help companies turn ideas for solving real-world problems into actual real-world solutions, reconvenes this weekend for its fifth event.

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