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Community Voice stories are contributions from startup founders and others in the local ecosystem with an authentic voice and a goal to educate and share insights. All opinions in the piece are the writer's own, and EQ acknowledges there are many perspectives on most topics discussed here. Share any feedback on this piece in the comments below.Interested in contributing a story? Visit: www.eqstl.com/submit-a-story/

On Entrepreneurially Thinking: Rung for Women on Wealth Building, Family Stability, Well-Being and Career

Joining this episode is Leslie Gill, Executive Director of Rung for Women. Having served in leadership capacities for several profit and non-profit organizations, Leslie has been deeply involved in a wide range of social welfare issues.

On Entrepreneurially Thinking: Float STL on Opening a Float Center in St Louis

Joining this episode are Jacob Resch and Kevin McCulloch, Founders of FLOAT STL, St. Louis’ first float center. FLOAT STL was opened in February of 2015 and has facilitated over 42,000 floats and continues the mission to help create a better access to this healing modality.

On St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Jack Dorsey Funds New Non-Profit to Reduce Vacant Buildings in...

St. Louis native Dorsey and philanthropist Pulte visit north St. Louis to launch new blight nonprofit.

On Innovation City: WellBeing Brewing Discusses The Definition of Beer (and Raising Capital)

"Raising money is hard, but you stumble through it…you work your way through every phase of the [startup] process." — Jeff Stevens

On Entrepreneurially Thinking: The Best of #ETHINKSTL Holiday Highlight Show

Enjoy some of the best ETHINKSTL episodes of the season. Check out this highlight episode for your must have entrepreneurial punch-list.

On Entrepreneurially Thinking: Boeing EIR Steve Epner on Outside Inside Thinking

Joining this episode is Steve Epner. Steve has over 40 years of consulting experience. He served as "Entrepreneur in Residence" at Boeing and founded and manages the St. Louis Innovation Round table.

On Entrepreneurially Thinking: Marissa Paine On Getting Back to Self-Care

Marissa talks about taking a pause from the work she is good at doing with Painefree Coaching & Consulting but not finding the joy in it anymore and get back to self-care habits.

Marketing Data & Analytics Half-Day Event at .Zack on May 30th

The Association of National Advertiser B2B St. Louis launches "Not Just Another Marketing Conference" featuring data and analytics speakers on May 30th at .ZACK

On Silicon Prairie News: Strayos AI Transforms Jobsite Insights

Ravi Sahu, Founder and CEO of Strayos, was not initially intending to start a company.

On Innovation City: Morgan Ingram on Filling the Sales Education Void

"Grow 1% better every single day. That's it. What is one new tip that I can try out or learn?" — Morgan Ingram

On Innovation City: Interview with Tim Sanders after EQ Leadership Labs Keynote

"When you get empowered, you get energized. So I say, grow everyone you do business with." — Tim Sanders

On Innovation City: The Climate Corporation Discusses Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture

"At the end of the day, you live and die by the value you create for your customers." — Mark Young

On Entrepreneurially Thinking: Tami Lange of Save The Girls

On Entrepreneurially Thinking: Tami Lange has created a one of a kind purse that not only carries credit cards, license and our cheaters, but it also has a clear backing pouch that your phone slides into that allows you to fully operate your phone without ever having to take it out of your purse.

What is Beef and a Toast?

By Diana Zeng of Full Circle. We asked her to tell us what Beef and a Toast is about, and why Full Circle started it.Beef and a Toast was born out of frustration. Frustration with the...

10 Reasons to Attend GlobalHack VI

By Matt Menietti and the GlobalHack TeamAs a developer or someone who’s interested in technology, you may have been invited to hackathon without fully understanding what it’s all about. We put together a list of the top...

Carter Williams: Family Offices Aren’t Investing Like They Used To

By Carter Williams, Managing Director of iSelect FundThe family office is changing. Rather than turn assets over to managers, today’s family offices increasingly prefer to invest directly, buying stakes in individual companies or acquiring them outright.In...

EQ Print Issue 3: The Places We’ll Go

This time last year, we were 30 days away from EQ’s online debut. We envisioned Entrepreneur Quarterly (EQ) as an online daily and print quarterly publication that would fill a gap in St. Louis’...

What to Expect at Tonight’s NXT@4240 Event at Venture Café

By Savannah DavisIt's a busy one at Venture Cafe this week. EQ's co-founder and managing partner Kelly Hamilton will be moderating a chat with Dr. Glen Stetten of Express Scripts and Stephanie Leffler of OneSpace...

Startups Are Our Economic Future: So Why Aren’t We Funding Them?

By Carter Williams, managing director of iSelect FundMost people think the key to job creation in their state or city is to attract relatively large, established companies. The facts say otherwise.Small businesses (those with fewer...

Understanding the Importance of Millennials in Driving Economic Growth

By Patty Hagen, executive director of T-REX. The way we work is changing, due in large part to a momentous generational change. The millennial generation is now the largest sector of the U.S. workforce—one in...

6 Startup Events You Can’t Miss This Week

We’ve gathered some of the best events from all over the city to mark on your calendars. If you have events you’d like to see on EQ’s calendar, submit them here! Savvy Coders FREE Crash Course...

GiftAMeal Taps Applebee’s to Join the Fight Against Hunger in Greater St. Louis

Applebee's, the world's largest casual dining chain with approximately 2,000 locations, has partnered with GiftAMeal in the Greater St. Louis region with 32 of its franchise locations.Launched last fall, GiftAMeal helps individuals discover and recommend...

Carter Williams: What Do All Startups Need?

By Carter Williams, President, CEO and Investment Committee of iSelect Funds In chapter two of Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Tom’s Aunt Polly makes him paint her white picket fence. It’s a Saturday...

Carter Williams: Innovation is Not Random

By Carter Williams, President, CEO and Investment Committee of iSelect FundsMy great privilege in life is growing up in an entrepreneurial country, receiving a top-notch education at MIT and working for world class companies....

Commentary: Travis Sheridan on St. Louis’ Ecosystem Growing Pains

Why we should treat our startup ecosystem as the still maturing, sometimes messy teenager that it is.

3 ½ Resolutions for Entrepreneurs Aiming to Launch a Business in 2016

By Chuck Cohn Most New Year’s resolutions involve self-improvement, whether it's in the form of getting fit or finally starting the company of your dreams. If your goals for 2016 involve launching a business, you...

Arch Grants Says STL Needs Startups, Not the NFL

We've now had a week to come to terms with the fact that St. Louis is no longer the home of the NFL's Rams. As many football fans look elsewhere to pledge their allegiance, many...

Igniting A Movement

The ride-sharing debate has loomed large in St. Louis this year. Entrepreneur and MTC Commissioner Chris Sommers shares his thoughts on what St. Louis' fight for Uber means for our innovation community–and our city.

Blog Out Loud: 8 Local Leaders Aim to Inspire St. Louis

With a continued international focus on the challenges within the St. Louis region, YNPN (Young Nonprofit Professionals Network) St. Louis' annual Blog Out Loud event is providing space for community members to step up and drive change within the St. Louis region.
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For A Founder, There’s Never A Closed Door: Marco’s Noah Rosenberg On Doing What...

Founders: do whatever it takes to get your company grown. No one else understands your journey as well as you do.

“Don’t Take Advice” & Other Startup Advice: 7 Lessons Learned From Champio & Farmplicity...

By Jolijt TamanahaMy name is Jolijt Tamanaha, and I’m a recovering entrepreneur. I’m the co-founder of Champio, software that helps the 70% of Americans who hate their jobs. If only we could make those 70% of...
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How Startup Funding Works And Why We’ve Decided To Bootstrap

By Tyler King, CEO of Less Annoying CRMWhen my brother and I started Less Annoying CRM, we decided to bootstrap. If you’re not familiar with the term, that means that the founders (i.e. my...

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