Colleen Jenkins

Colleen Jenkins is the founder and CEO of PluggedIN, a talent matchmaking technology platform that connects students and job seekers with startups. She is also the director of the St. Louis and Kansas city branches of Venture for America.

On Medium: 6 Ways the Startup Talent Showcase is Changing the Way Startups Hire

How the Startup Talent Showcase is changing the way startups hire — and hire people who stick around for the long run.

Tips On Pursuing a Career in Entrepreneurship: Finding a Startup That Works For You

Suzanne shares her story on how she transitioned back into working at startups after a one year break at a traditional job.

5 Reasons Students And Job Seekers Should Participate At The Upcoming Startup Talent Showcase

We all know that looking for a job is a full-time job. As a student, finding the perfect summer internship is a difficult task when you're trying to focus on school work and finish...

5 Reasons Why Your Company Will Not Want To Miss The Upcoming Startup Talent...

Let's face it, the hiring process can be grueling. Most startups don't have an HR person or a formalized hiring process and need alternative ways to source, identify and recruit their next hire, which...

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