Chris Long

Chris co-founded Radius Realty out of a desire to unite his successful software and technology career with his passion for real estate. Since 2009, he’s helped clients throughout St. Louis significantly reduce overhead and increase profits, leveraging cutting-edge technology to find solutions to property management issues.

Is Blockchain the Future of Real Estate?

Blockchain technology could revolutionize real estate by streamlining transactions, heightening transparency, and increasing efficiency across the board.As more people and industries become aware of blockchain technology, it presents new opportunities to increase the speed,...

The Rise of the Millennial Buyer in St. Louis

As the St. Louis innovation community grows, an influx of younger home buyers are coming to the city. Here’s how real estate agents can find them their first homes:Despite their spendthrifty reputation, it seems...

Technology and Property Management: Here’s What Brokers Need to Know

New developments in real estate technology bode well for the industry as a whole. A thoughtful approach to innovation can cut costs, improve efficiency, and increase profitability across a brokerage.New tech also appeals...

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