Ched Wagner

Ched Wagner is the Manager of Nvsted, overseeing the daily operations of the funding platform, including origination, company onboarding, cash flow management, compliance monitoring, and marketing. Prior to Nvsted, Ched was a personal banker for Wells Fargo in Southern California where he specialized as a Business Advocate, helping small businesses manage their finances. Ched also was previously a finance technician for the United States Air Force, and an intern for Advantage Capital Partners’ Investment Team in St. Louis.

21 Questions that Help You Pursue the Right Funding Options for Your Startup

Although running out of cash is the second most common reason for startups to fail (yes, second, the first is actually no market need for their product), startup founders often find themselves stumped when...

An Introduction to Regulation Crowdfunding

Until recently, 90 percent of Americans were banned from making private investments in startup companies. That’s because prior to legislation approved in May 2016, private investments in startup companies were only available for accredited...

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