Take Note: Artifox Nailed Its Video Campaign

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When it comes to marketing, The team at Artifox understands the power of “show, don’t tell.” In launching its new Youtube Channel late last week, the St. Louis startup created a video highlighting the design shop’s attractive and convenient home accessory: Rack.

“This video highlights the ease of our unique mounting system,” says Sarah Mirth. “When designing, we focused on strength and durability while paying close attention to concealing hardware. As you can see from the video, not a single screw is visible.” Every piece is custom-made in St. Louis.

Shot in two days in Benton Park, Washington Avenue and along the Mississippi river, the video was made in-house with Mirth serving as Producer, Dan Mirth acting as Director of Photography, Sean Kirkland as Director & Music and Jordan Wright as the model.

Artifox’s recent video push works well because it’s in tune with the design house’s brand: urban, simplistic and trendy.

The Rack story was simple,” says Mirth. “Our goal was to clearly articulate how a customer experiences the product from opening the box, to it’s unique mounting system and ultimately enjoying the Rack in their own space.

But Rack’s wasn’t the only video the team has shot recently. For your continued viewing pleasure, check out its videos for Desk 01 in Black Walnut and White Maple.