Artifox Releases New Collection

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Artifox, the 2014 Arch Grants recipient and design company, just launched a new collection including a redesigned desk, a multi-use shelf and other accessories.

“Our process is guided by the idea of ‘Less but Better’,” says Sarah Mirth, Artifox CEO. “Our products are made from quality materials and packed with function while maintaining a clean, simple aesthetic.”

Desk 02 is a lightweight piece created with hardwood, aluminum and steel with a cable grid to hold power cords in place. Shelf is a floating ledge that can be hung with two difference orientations in either chalkboard black or dry-erase white with magnetic capabilities. 

The two pieces, along with an array of accessories like Pegs and Stand join Desk 01 and Rack in the St. Louis-based companies growing collection of minimalist furniture. 

“The way we interact with objects today is dramatically different than it’s been for hundreds of years,” says Mirth. “This notion led us to design physical products with a digital frame of mind, which pushes us to create things differently. The best part is dreaming up premium product then deconstructing for flat pack, easy portability.”

Once again, Artifox debuted the new products the best way they know how: visually. Check out the videos below or head to their website to pre-order your next favorite furnishing.

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