Applications Open for RISE Collaborative’s Niche Women’s Co-Working Community

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Last week, RISE Collaborative Workspace, a female-focused co-working space founded by Stacy Taubman, announced it will open in January and that it’s now accepting applications for membership. In September, RISE signed a lease for a 6,000-square-foot space in Ladue Place, an office building in downtown Clayton. The space will be renovated and open up to members in the New Year. 

RISE will feature 11 private offices, eight of which have already been leased, as well as 3,000 square feet of open, flexible, collaborative workspace, as well as three conference rooms, one classroom, free parking, two phone/mother rooms, and an open coffee and snack bar. Like most co-working spaces, RISE Collaborative will offer development programming and social events to members.

A niche community, RISE Collaborative Workspace has carefully curated a community of businesswomen from a range of industries. What they have in common beyond gender is a desire to participate in a community and connect with fellow women entrepreneurs.

“There are more than 50,000 female-owned businesses in this community with only one employee: themselves,” says Taubman. “Many of these women are currently working from noisy coffee shops or feeling isolated and uninspired in home offices. RISE Collaborative Workspace is the place for them to work, connect, and succeed.”

Rise Collaborative Workspace
Stacy Taubman, Founder/CEO of Rise Collaborative Workspace

Some of RISE’s members so far include Erin Joy, Founder/CEO of Black Dress Partners, a consultancy focused on women business owners; interior designer Retta Leritz; Morgan Clark, Founder/CEO of STL Sitter, the “Uber for babysitting” platform; Liz Lohman, CEO of; Nicole Benoist from Kit & Ace boutique; Marissa Paine, CEO at the Painefree Coaching & Consulting Group; Mika Ross, therapist and relationship coach and Stephanie Regagnon, CEO at FieldWatch, Inc.

Another unique offering is RISE Collaborative’s student membership, offered to teen girls who may want to come in and do schoolwork alongside, intern for, and even be matched for a mentorship with adult members of RISE Collaborative.

“We believe that you can’t be what you can’t see,” says Taubman, who also founded Girls Dreaming Big, an organization with a nine-month, research-based curriculum program and a mission to empower and build a strong community that supports girls in reaching their potential. “We are creating a pipeline for success by providing a safe, collaborative space for teen girls to engage with smart, strong, successful women who want to give back to the next generation.”

To apply to become a member, go to

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