About EQ


EQ was created in 2015 to raise the visibility of the St. Louis startup scene. We are passionate about sharing the journeys and best practices of startups, entrepreneur support organizations and other individuals and groups in the St. Louis startup ecosystem in an effort to support and grow the movement here in St. Louis.

We aim to help build community both online and offline by telling intelligent stories that educate, inspire and connect entrepreneurs, investors, talent and startup supporters.

As a media outlet, EQ fills the need for a voice that will share stories of St. Louis startups with both St. Louis audiences and those outside St. Louis. We believe that promoting stories of innovation in St. Louis will help change the conversation about our city and assist in pushing it forward.

What We Do

Look for daily content on EQstl.com, from news to service oriented stories that aim to help those working in the startup and innovation spaces act on their ideas, grow their companies and build a better St. Louis startup ecosystem.