Blog Out Loud: 8 Local Leaders Aim to Inspire St. Louis

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By: Erin Funk

With a continued international focus on the challenges within the St. Louis region, YNPN (Young Nonprofit Professionals Network) St. Louis‘ annual Blog Out Loud event is providing space for community members to step up and drive change within the St. Louis region.

Blog Out Loud
Photo courtesy of YNPN St. Louis

The event, taking place on Thursday, September 17, at 5:30 p.m. at T-REX, creates a positive space to come together, showcasing the exciting and innovative ideas of change-makers in the St. Louis community. Everyone in attendance is committed to working on the challenges facing the community. The eight speakers include:

  •  Crystal Martin, Community Education Coordinator at Launchcode: ‘Sticking Around: A Black Girl’s Journey in Tech’.
  • Alex Klein, Development and Operations Specialist at The Mission Continues: ‘Collective Impact: Expanding Beyond Youth Development’.
  •  Andrew Goodin, Makerspace Teacher at Grand Center Arts Academy & Co-Founder, The Disruption Department: ‘Why I Teach’.
  •  Cara Spencer, St. Louis Alderwoman: ‘Politics in Your Big City Small Town: Anyone Can Do It’.
  • Aleshia Patterson, Aleshia Simone LLC: ‘Black Women, Media Messaging, and Subconscious Beliefs’.
  • Royce Martin, a sophomore at Grand Center Arts Academy: ‘Summer 2013: A Life Changing Experience with Law Enforcement’.
  • Antionette Carroll, Executive Director, Creative Reaction Lab; Diversity & Inclusion Chair, AIGA: The Professional Association of Design: ‘Re-Designing Social Change with the Community that Defines It’.
  • Wes Hoffman, Founder of Treehouse Networkshop: ‘Stay Connected: Why You Should Always Be Networking’.

Blog Out Loud provides a platform for innovative individuals to be seen, heard and celebrated. In a TED talk, show and tell, and poetry slam style, speakers share their ideas and passion through a short, dedicated presentation aimed at inspiring others, creating conversations and building out their ideas to change St. Louis.

For more information and to register for the event, visit