5 Things We’re Reading This Week: September 23

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    Weekends are the perfect time to step away from the desk—standing or otherwise—and catch up on time spent with friends, family and all of the articles you bookmarked this week but didn’t have time to read.

    Photo courtesy of Ozobot
    Photo courtesy of Ozobot

    We’re here to add to that list. Dive into five pieces, locally-focused and not, that we’re reading this week:

    Murmuration Spotlight:

    What The Festival Means For St. Louis, Cortex and Beyond
    Murmuration Festival weekend is officially upon us! Hear from president and CEO of Cortex Dennis Lower as he reflects on the event and teases its impact on the future on the innovation community in St. Louis
    Check it out here

    AI’s Impact on Your Job:

    How to Protect Workers From Job-Stealing Robots
    The Atlantic
    In the battle of robots versus humans, one of the biggest concerns is the labor market. President Obama’s chief economist says we don’t need to worry, that artificial intelligence can only help the labor market and productivity—The Atlantic’s Jason dives deeper to see if this is true.
    Check it out here

    Getting More Girls to Code:

    Evo Is a Little Robot With a Big Mission
    With numerous studies showing that girls’ interests in computer science and technology are waning, Ozobot’s Nader Hamda created Evo, a small spherical educational robot, to solve the problem.
    Check it out here

    Cybersecurity Update:

    Can Armies Of Interns Close The Cybersecurity Skills Gap?
    Fast Company
    As cybersecurity increasingly becomes an area of global focus—and worry—finding talent with expertise in this field is no easy task. Read how BullGuard, a U.K.-based personal security company is hoping they can solve the issue.
    Check it out here

    Startup Advice:

    If You’re Not Selling, You’re Not a Startup
    Silicon Prairie News
    If you’re a founder with a distinct aversion to sales talk, give this a read.
    Check it out here

    And one thing we’re listening to…

    Entrepreneurially Thinking
    Entrepreneurially Thinking is a podcast launched this week by CET’s Christy Maxfield and BioSTL’s Dr. Cheryl Watkins-Moore. The pair will focus on how entrepreneurial skills can help everyone, from founders to corporate leaders and more. Give it a listen here