5 Things We’re Reading This Week: July 29

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Weekends are the perfect time to step away from the desk—standing or otherwise—and catch up on time spent with friends, family and all of the articles you bookmarked this week but didn’t have time to read.

We’re here to add to that list. Dive into the five pieces, locally-focused and not, that we’re reading this week:

Local Development:

WashU Engineers Develop a Foam That Can Clean Dirty Water
St. Louis Public Radio
“The future of clean water may depend on developing technologies that aim to clean dirty water. With that in mind, engineers at Washington University are using nanotechnology, the manipulation of materials on a molecular level, to develop a foam that can remove salt and contaminants from water.”
Check it out here

Murmuration Spotlight:

How The Women’s Bakery Uses An Age-Old Technology For Social Good
Leading up to Murmuration Festival, Cortex spoke Markey Culver, president and director of The Women’s Bakery, a non-profit that helps East African women start and operate businesses that both support their families and nourish their children.
Check it out here


Talent Attraction:

How Small Companies Can Attract Talent From Google, Apple, and Facebook
Fast Company
Advice on getting top-tier talent to come work for you. You might not have a sprawling campus on the coast, but there are strengths that a small company can offer that some of the bigger guys can’t.
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List to Know:

13 Brilliant Gadgets and Tools to Help Stress Management
Let’s face it, we all could use some help de-stressing from time to time. Inc. pulled together a list of tools, apps and practices to help everyone relax.
Check it out here

National Hacking News:

Security Bots Will Battle in Vegas for Darpa’s Hacking Crown
Next Thursday at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas, Darpa, the research operation inside the U.S. Defense Department is hosting a battle of autonomous systems designed to identify security holes in software programs they’ve never encountered and fix any holes they find.
Check it out here

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