5 Things We’re Reading This Week: August 5

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Weekends are the perfect time to step away from the desk—standing or otherwise—and catch up on time spent with friends, family and all of the articles you bookmarked this week but didn’t have time to read.

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We’re here to add to that list. Dive into five pieces, locally-focused and not, that we’re reading this week:

Hackathon Helper:

6 Tips for Putting Together a Hackathon Team
GlobalHack via Medium
Our friends at GlobalHack dole out advice on forming a great team for the next hackathon you sign up for—whether you have a programming background, are an idea person or new to hackathons in general. Just in time too, as Hello, Hackathon is next week and GlobalHack Vl is looming.
Check it out here

Murmuration Spotlight:

Prattle Finds Untapped Data Within the Words of the Federal Reserve
Leading up to Murmuration Festival, Cortex spoke with Evan Schnidman, founder of the financial insights firm Prattle—and a featured panelist at Murmuration Festival—about how his firm extracts quantitative data from language.
Check it out here

Cyber Security:

Frank Abagnale Says Cyber Crime Is About to Get ‘Scary’
The real life inspiration for “Catch Me if You Can” and legendary con man Frank Abagnale is weighing in on the cyber criminals bringing crime from the Internet to the real world and what he personally is doing to avoid threats.
Check it out here

International Influence:

Meet the China ‘whisperers’ Who Get The Big Deals Done in Silicon Valley

The Washington Post
As capital comes into Silicon Valley from China, an elite network of brokers help take care of things—both actual deal-making as well as stepping into roles as cultural translators.
Check it out here

Pitching Tips:

Five Lessons Kids Can Teach You About Pitching Your Startup
Fast Company
If you can’t get to kids to understand your pitch, the argument is, investors won’t bite either. Fast Company takes a look at what founders can learn from the youngest judges and consumers out there.
Check it out here

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