5 Things We’re Reading This Week: August 12

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Weekends are the perfect time to step away from the desk—standing or otherwise—and catch up on time spent with friends, family and all of the articles you bookmarked this week but didn’t have time to read.


We’re here to add to that list. Dive into five pieces, locally-focused and not, that we’re reading this week:

Venture Success Story:

How This Woman Went From Homelessness to Running a Multimillion-Dollar Venture Fund
Arlan Hamilton leads a $5 million venture fund that focuses on backing promising female, minority and LGBT founders, but a year ago she was couch surfing.
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Murmuration Spotlight:

Steve Cousins on the Future of Robots and the Perils of “Gratuitous Stairs”
CEO of the Silicon Valley robotics firm Savioke Steve Cousins will be speaking next month at Murmuration Festival on robotics expertise and “Robots for the Rest of Us“. Here he speaks about what that phrase means and why the Americans with Disabilities Act has aided the robotics indsutry.
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Big Business:

Apple, Google, Amazon, and the Advantages of Bigness 
The New Yorker
The Law of Large Numbers means that a rapid-growth company can’t keep pace forever and eventually slow down. But some of the most recognizable tech companies are defying this rule, and The New Yorker explores how they are.
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Exit Strategy:

A Giant Corporation Just Bought Your Startup. Now What?
Fast Company
When a startup is acquired by a larger company, changes are bound to happen and leadership at the startup needs to be prepared. Fast Company speaks with founders who have experienced this first hand. 
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Drone Update:

Backed by White House, Zipline to test U.S. medical drone delivery
Zipline, a San Francisco-based robotics company is set to demonstrate the“viability of unmanned aircraft technology in disseminating critical care supplies” to hard to reach places pending FAA approval, according to a White House release last week.
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